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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

oops, let's try that again

hmmm, maybe this will be "it"

I'm starting to think that this may end up being my website. Let's see how this looks.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Phew, another weekend almost done!

Okay, so I took four little girls to WEM waterpark on Saturday. It was a wonderfully expensive, wonderful day! It all started with me dragging my poor sad, tired lazy butt out of the house to go to weigh in. I FINALLY got that 25 pound loss that has been laughing at me for the past six weeks! YAHOO!!
We were at the waterpark from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. A delightful time was had by all. Cassie (Asia's friend) and Asia were off on their own for most of the day. Cassie and her friend had a little trouble because Cassie wanted to go down the slide and Isabella wanted to hang out in the wave pool. The way I see it is that I could have saved a whole wack of money had I just taken them to the Millwoods wave pool! Seeing as the girls wanted to go to the WATERSLIDES for their birthdays, I ended up sliding with Cassie most of the day and left Isabella to her own devices. I don't know how Cassie continues to attract these laid back, almost boring little friends, but somehow ........ oh well, I can't pretend all those stairs didn't do me any good!
Anyhoo, we ended up seeing Dr Hamilton at the waterpark. Like these poor doctors don't see enough ugliness in the week, but then he has to see me in a bathing suit on the weekend! YUCK, poor guy.
Today, was church, and then Class 101. This is something you have to go through at church before you can become a member. It was a 3 1/2 hour class. So I signed the application to become a member. Leon will have to be baptized before he can do it. He is tossing this around more and more these days.
Another work day is upon us ... must go.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Oh, boy! Where have I been? Turns out Livvy's fine. A little too much spinning around on the lino I guess. She has been pretty quiet and doesn't have much of an appetite lately, so hopefully she's just fighting whatever it is and will win this time!
Asia and I went out last night to spend her birthday money and to get her ears pierced. She got the first one done, and then I looked at it, and said "Oh, that's the wrong earring!" So what they did was give us $4 off. Hmmmm, not worth it. They are kind of boring and yuck. Oh, well, in a few weeks she can change them. Hopefully she will put sleepers in and leave them be. Then we went out to Tim Horton's and a few other stores. It's a nice treat to be out with just one kid. No one else to distract you. She got a beautiful outfit from old navy and got her second holes in her ears, and bought new earrings for the first ones. My little girl. Wow.
Tomorrow is Friday and the girls finally get to do their birthday parties. They each picked one friend for a sleepover, and on Saturday we are spending the day at the WEM waterpark.
Wish me luck!

Monday, March 20, 2006


Well, it turns out Livvy is sick with another flu. She has been hurling for the past two hours! Like this kid has not been through enough! Thankfully she refused supper again so she is already down to the dry-heaves. I hope it is a short one this time. The last one lasted six days! Wish us luck .........

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Asia's Birthday

Well, my baby girl turned 12 tonight! I can't believe she is already 12 ... yet in another way, it seems impossible because I don't remember ever being without her! She is a beautiful young lady. We had a surprise party for her this afternoon. Her request. It worked. She really was surprised. Crazy girl.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Well, I always seem to be going places, but I never really seem to have anything to say. I guess I'm just busy chasing my tail. I rented a backdrop and stand today. Got it home and the stand broke, and then the zipper broke off the carrying case! I have people coming tomorrow for pictures, and now I don't know if I'll get into the bag! Amy's pictures went okay. I missed some that I wanted to do, but oh well. Practice makes perfect!
Cassie had a surprise party today for her teacher. It was pretty cool. The kids were all very excited!
Off to bed. I have to go and face the scale in the morning. Then pick up Asia who is at a sleep over. Then Leon is going to work and I have to prepare the house for 'clients'! Cool.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Well, nothing is happening in the Lemoine household. I was thrilled to see that Cold Case was back last Sunday, but now I am having trouble finding Survivor! I have so many problems! I am still nervous about doing Amy's maternity pictures tomorrow! That is it. That is my boring life. I had to post something though, or my mother goes through withdrawals!


Well, nothing is happening in the Lemoine household. I was thrilled to see that Cold Case was back last Sunday, but now I am having trouble finding Survivor! I have so many problems! I am still nervous about doing Amy's maternity pictures tomorrow! That is it. That is my boring life. I had to post something though, or my mother goes through withdrawals!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Okay, so the pictures of Leon's Dad's 75th didn't end up so bad. I was fiddling with the settings etc to learn how to avoid using the flash. Cool, I guess, but I kind of like the ones better where I used the flash, just the different sort of light the flash gives off.
The maternity sitting is coming up on Friday, and I am dying to ask her to wait until next week when I'll have my new backdrops. I may just pay some money and rent the equipment for Friday and see how I like it. I've been trying to buy a stand on ebay, but no such luck yet.
At work today, my belly started to rebel. I think the bug is trying to invade my system. I took off running for home about 1:30! One of my absolute worst fears is having to get sick (out of either end much info?) in a public bathroom!!! My co-workers probably think I am nuts!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Hey all! Busy busy busy! Thank goodness the weekend is over. Shirley and her youngest were sick yesterday so Leon stayed home to play Mr. Mom. (Hey, could've dropped her off at Gramma's house seeing as she already shared the bug with her!) I just won my first auction items on ebay. My others were outbid at the very last second! That was very cool, and I'm afraid to say, possibly addicting! It'll take awhile to get my items however, because I realize now that I goofed on adding the shipping and handling. I bought a couple of backdrops for my photography business. (Again, I ask, is it a business at this stage?)
Must go. Yummy meatballs are starting to make my house smell delicious!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Yesterday went well. Swimming was fun, and the company, of course, was great. BUT I do not recommend Denny's! We waiting 30 minutes to order. We waited just over one hour (not exaggerating) for our food. The manager refused to come and talk to us. It was brutal! Not even a discount of the bill! Guess what? That means another complaint gets to be issued! lol
We watched "Four Brothers" last night. Not really sure I would recommend spending $5 on it.
This morning church and Leon's Dad's 75th. And then, finally, after serving and cleaning all afternoon, home to see if my kids have homework! Isn't that terrible?
HAGD all!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

One seems to be missing!

I went to WW this morning - LYNNE!! IT APPEARS YOU SLEPT IN! - and I am down 0.8! That 25er is still eluding me! 0.4 to go to get that 25 pound fridge magnet and another five pound sticker! Next week. I have been yo-yoing for 2 months now!!!!

We went to WEM waterpark last night and it went well. All except the kiddie pools were freezing. The little ones couldn't swim at all! Even the baby slide was freezing. Livvy cried the whole way down. You can bet your bootie they'll be getting an email from me! (Because , you know, I am clearly such a powerful force to be reckoned with! lol

Going swimming again this afternoon, maybe! Cassie was just doubled over with her head in the toilet! UH-OH!

Friday, March 10, 2006


Well, things are back to normal in the Lemoine household! Thank goodness. Livvy is back to her crazy self. Leon compares her to the guy on American Idol with the grey hair, in that he's a little wacked!
We have had a crazy busy week, and it isn't over yet! Tonight is WEM waterpark with the school. Tomorrow is WW and Leon has a course in Sherwood Park. At three o'clock tomorrow I am also going out to Sherwood Park to go swimming and out for dinner with our bible study group. And Sunday is church and Leon's dad's 75th birthday party. Somewhere in there I have to do my homework and phone Amy to make arrangements to do her maternity pictures. (Knees shaking, sick feeling in stomach!)
Well, I'm off to pick up offspring and stop at the car wash to find the thing that is dead and rotting somewhere in my van!
HAGD all!
PS. I forgot to mention that you no longer have to be a blogger to make comments. Just sign as ANONYMOUS.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

bible study

Well, it turns out I was right about last night. There was definitely some controversy. It started at home, with deciding who would attend bible study, and who would stay home with sick Livvy, Asia and Cassie. Round one goes to me!

We are studying Romans and last night we read Romans 11;1-15. One of the verses talks about how God made certain people deaf to His word, and blind to Him, and made their minds dull etc. To me, this goes against the grace and mercy we are taught about God. Round two did not go to me, because it turns out, that was not where the tension was going to come in.

One question was "What do you think turns people off christianity?" (Or something like that). A couple people said "Christian people!" I never thought of it that way, but how true is that! There are bad apples in every bunch, and christians are no different, but as with everything it is only the bad that comes to light. It must be something to do with preferring the bad to the good, because it makes us feel better about ourselves.

Another discussion was when in your life have you ever felt rejection and what did you learn from it? My answer of course, "JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS!!!" How cruel kids can be. Looking back, I think Sonia was the only person who suffered the on again off again, cruelty of SOME of the girls. What did I learn from it? Close off. (No not CLOTHES off! I was never that kind of girl ... shame on you!)

I love how candid we can be at our bible study sessions. There is no judgement, and I love that.

Time to parent these little versions of myself.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Back to normal ... ALMOST!

Well, half an hour into my work day Shirley phoned me to tell me that Olivia hurled all over the toy room. (Hee hee oops!) She didnt make me go get her, and I am so thankful! I am so backed up at work it's frightening. I still need at least an extra day to get caught up.

We are giving Leon's ma and pa a break tonight and one of us is going to stay home with Liv tonight. (Leon lol) We don't want them to get sick, seeing as Leon's Dad's big 75 is this weekend. We have bible study in Sherwood Park every second Wednesday. This is a topic I do not want to miss. I started to look it over today, and I think there will be some hot discussions tonight! (I may have a thing or two to add!) Maybe I can add some hot debates onto this site of mine!


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cassie's Crossing (bridge project)

Forgot to show off the bridge project Cassie and Leon worked on for a couple of weeks! They were very proud!

At home again!

I have taken more time off so far this year than in my total 7 years working at Cap Clinic! (not including the year I spent at home on mat leave of course!) Livvy tried to go to Shirley's today, but had a belly ache and wouldn't get off the couch, so I got through what I could at work and picked her up. Perfect timing I must say, because she puked all over herself in her car seat (gotta love that!) and pooped way more than she has eaten (where is it all coming from?) and now she is ready to rock and roll! I don't think the day home would go for it if I called her up and said "Hey, she pooped and puked, so she's feeling great now. Can I bring her back?" lol. Shucks! A whole day at home. Hmmmm... whatever will I do with myself? (Besides scrubbing car seats and toilets and door handles and everything elsde in hopes that no one else picks up this nasty bug!)

Monday, March 06, 2006

an extra long weekend for me ....

Well, Miss Livvy is still not well enough to go out today. She is just at the point where she is hungry like the wolf, but not very energetic yet. I think by tomorrow she'll be good to go. She is working on toast number 5! (crust not included of course!) And watching Zaboomafoo. She'll be snoozing again pretty soon.

I finally got my butt off the couch yesterday and did 30 minutes on the crosstrainer. It felt good. I still have the 1.2 pounds to lose to get my 25 pound fridge magnet (no the magnet doesn't weigh 25 pounds!) and another five pound sticker. One would think that would be incentive enough, but, NOOOOO! Not for me.

Well, houses to clean and laundry to fold, and sick little girls to snuggle.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hey all!

Hey Mom!! I got your latest comment and saw your profile, but I don't know how to find yours!
Livvy is doing okay. Still not herself, and not good enough for Shirley's tomorrow. The girls were in their glory tonight watching the Academy Awards, and trying on clothes. (Going through hand-me-downs) To them it is like Christmas. I had a couple things in there for Livvy too, so she wasn't left out. Now all Cassie needs is a winter coat. I will try to find one (on sale) tomorrow. Perfect timing I am hoping to find her a coat for next winter that she can finish off this winter in. Poor kid's zipper doesn't work. (Bad Mommy!)
I'm off. Make sure you give me your blog address. (is that what it is called?)
I was thinking after, I could have used this temporarily as my photography website!
Livvy slept for about 6 hours today.....hmmm, not sure how my night is going to be!
See you tomorrow


Oops! How did that happen? lol

And a fine morning it is!

Hey all! Livvy is feeling so much better. She woke up at 3:00, had a snuggle and a drink and went right back to sleep. Then at 7:00 again, for a few crackers and stories and back to sleep again. Considering she slept all day yesterday, I am thrilled with that. We are going to sit down and watch Miss Spider soon, then I think she will be going back down again. One would never know I spent Friday cleaning house with all the sitting around on my butt I did yesterday snuggling Liv. (Speaking of which my poor butt feels like I just took a day trip to Winnipeg! Ouch!)
Leon and the girls headed off to church this morning - I'm sure that one day Liv will qualify as one of "the girls" lol - which left me a little disappointed. I tried on my dress pants on Friday and was thrilled to find that they fit, and quite comfortably at that! I was looking forward to wearing them. Leon went armed with both our bank cards, as we are now titheing. Usually I do the transaction and fill out the envelope, so this is going to be very hard on him I think. lol
Have a delightful day!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Poor little Livvy

My poor wee Liv is so very sick today. This is her first real flu, and she has done nothing today but puke and sleep. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow.
We watched flight plan and legend of zoro tonight. Both are very good.
As for weight watchers I was up 0.2!!! I had such a lousy day yesterday because I thought for sure I would have a huge gain, so I bummed myself out over it, and turns out, if I had been smart, I could have maybe even had a small loss! Two times I have done that... serves me right!
I'm off to bed, not expecting to get a full night's sleep. I'll take every hour/minute I can at this point!
I hope those of you who want to comment can figure out how! I'd love to help, but I know nothing! (Quite literally on three hours sleep!)
HAGN all!
I'm going to try to add Char's baby pic just for practice.

A Day in Rhonda's Life

A Day in Rhonda's Life

Well, isn't it just like me to forget how to get on there to post!
Miss Livvy was up quite literally all night! I got her into bed at 3:30! She was up again for a few minutes at 7:00, then 8:00. I'm beat. But I can't pull a no-show on Lynne for WW, that would be just down right rude... So here I go on three hours sleep to face a gain. I could think of better ways to spend this Saturday morning... ZZzzzzzzzz!
Time to face the cold reality and get my sorry, tired butt out the door.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Woo Hoo!

Okay, I am biting the bullet and getting a website for my photography business! Is it a business at this stage of the game? I'm not sure. I sure do enjoy it though!
Tammy is coming over to scrapbook shortly, so this one will be short.
My company name is Picture Perfect. How's that for perfect! Hopefully in the next couple weeks it will be up and running. I am hoping to get a couple weddings this year, if I am not too late!
I am doing a maternity in a couple weeks, for practice. I am definitely not ready for portrait sittings of that sort yet. Practice makes perfect...Any volunteers?