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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Remembering Shelley

A look back...See our beautiful Shelley here

Two years ago today ....

My sister-in-law probably had a cup of tea.
She probably had absolute faith that she was making the right decision.
I'll bet that she was relieved.
I'm sure she did it early on, so that no one would disturb her.
I'm absolutely CERTAIN that she thought of Buddy, but just couldn't see him through the darkness.

Two years ago today ....

Buddy came home and was welcomed by Catdog, who was outside in the rain.
He saw Shelley's car in the driveway.
He knew that she wouldn't leave the cat out in the rain if she was home - and okay.
Buddy had the courage to hurry around the house, calling Shelley's name.
He knew this wasn't good.
He found her.

Two years ago today ....

A husband cried for his wife.
Parents mourned their daughter.
Mom came home to the police delivering a shocked and devastated son.
I got a phone call.
Family gathered.

One year ago today ....

We tried our best to be what Buddy needed.
We gathered as a family.
We set balloons free and watched them rise up, up , up to where Shelley could catch them.
Maybe she laughed at our silliness.
Maybe she cried for our grief.

Today ....

We won't be able to gather around each other.
Perhaps each person will, in their own way, just think of her.
Remember one thing about her.
Those weird little green tomato pickle things that Gramma loved, and I never did try.
The way she just loved to stay and visit. I wish she had stayed longer.
The way she held my wee Olivia. And went truckin' up the road with her in her stroller. She loved my other girls too, but it's different when you watch a tummy grow, and get caught up in the excitement of a new baby. When you hold that sweet little thing. You bond. She bonded. I loved that so much.

Two years ago we said good-bye to an incredible person. She was warm and loving and had a wonderful laugh. I can still hear it.

Today her memoriam reads

When someone you love becomes a memory,
That memory becomes a treasure.
But then ... you were a treasure even before you left us.

And she was.


O' CanaDad said...

That was absolutely beautiful Rhonda.

Two years ago today we celebrated my Mothers birthday like she was the only person in the world that mattered. Days later we found out about Shelley. Oh Buddy, so many years have passed and our families have drifted apart, yet this one moment in time has changed July 10th forever.

You may not know this now Buddy, but the whole Sparrow family is thinking of you every time Mom gets a year older, wishing you well, for we know first hand the pain will ease and the cherished memories will help you through the toughest times.

One year ago today, we celebrated my Mother's birthday with a whole new appreciation for loved ones both on earth and beyond.

Today we celebrated our Mother's birthday knowing that the Arndts are a lot like the Sparrows. Gathering to celebrate and to grieve, cherishing moments that once may have been taken for granted.

Thank you Rhonda for allowing me to share this moment with you.

Take care Arndt family and be sure to hug Buddy from all of us, whether he likes it or not.

wy-not said...

Okay, you guys are two for two. My two best cries today have come from Rhonda's beautiful blog and Matt's beautiful comment. I love you both, you tender, wonderful people. Mrs. Sparrow and Mrs. Arndt raised some pretty fabulous kids!!

Candid Carrie said...

Very well written, I am covered with goosebumps and crying bittersweet tears. Thank you for this intimate glimpse.

Heather said...

She sounds like an amazing person. I'm so sorry she's gone.

KatBouska said...

I have goosebumps.

This was beautiful!

Claremont First Ward said...

Oh my beautiful. And then when I saw her picture I wanted to cry. You've done an amazing job with these posts, Rhonda.

love-up-you said...
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Unknown said...

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