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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not very bright, yup, that's me!

I know. I should have gone to bed at a decent hour last night. I know. I should not take on so much. I know. I am not wonder woman.

I woke up this morning, after only going to bed this morning, looked in the mirror and saw that my hair (still in it's ponytail from yesterday) could pass without even the need of a brush this morning, and went back to bed. Got up 20 minutes later and added another layer to yesterday's makeup. I tried to get dressed and discovered that somehow between my bedroom and downstairs bathroom I lost my bra. I searched high and low. Leon, delightful husband that he is, thoughtfully advised that I could probably get away with using a couple of band-aids and noone would be any the wiser. Jerk. I eventually found my undergarment hanging behind the bathroom door, right where I left it last night/this morning, when I went to bed.

I answered five facebook emails, grabbed my lunch, and headed out the door with a whopping headache and arrived at work five minutes late. I have had days start far better than this one has. But then, I have had days that start far worse.

We have been overrun by mosquitos here at work. One little bugger has decided that my ankle would be a tasty place to start on me. My goal for the day is to catch him and bite him back and return my blood to its proper place. That'll teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.

I am still not happy with Sheri's wedding photos. I have to buy a new flash and lens for this weekend's wedding. Her parade album looks nice, BUT, it is not one of my best. I know my headache had a huge part in my lack of thoughtful poses, and my zero ambition to keep trying. I hope today's headache goes away and does not come back until after Sunday.

My kid are being baptised on Sunday. Asia and Cassie both need to write up their testimonies, and I need to somehow help them. Asia has ball tonight, Friday (after Esks cheer practice) and Saturday and Sunday. Plus I am doing the rehearsal Friday, and the wedding all day Saturday. It's the early wedding that ends up over an hour out of town. It's a long one this weekend. Then I have to make sure I clean up on of the memory cards for Sunday morning photos at church.

On a happy note, I am only working three days next week. I am at Capilano on Monday and Wednesday, then the wedding on Saturday. The week after that I am only working two days. I need to recuperate. I am not wonder woman, but I am also not a fool. Well, that may not be altogether acurate, but close. I am a fool, but I am not a COMPLETE idiot. :)

Two admissions will be coming shortly, so I should get to work.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Well, I've been told ...

A doctor came into the office so I had to close down my post! The baby shower was a lot of fun. I won the baby bottle toss, and the baby food taste test (lucky me)! I ate way more than I should have - no, not babyfood! (But I find with my family out of the house I am not eating real meals, so in all fairness to me, I was starving!!) and visited, and laughed and held wee Luke. I don't see Tammy often, so that was very nice. I miss her, and have to find time for friends more often!
I think she liked her gift of food and drugs, discs of pics and a slideshow, jammies, diapers, and a verse I authored myself and framed, all so creatively loaded into a laundry basket and covered with a receiving blanket. I'm a genius ... lmao
After the shower I did laundry, cleaned house, made a stir-fry, went to a local trade show, watched a movie, read my book and went to bed. The solitude is nice ... in small doses! I don't imagine my family will be back until after supper today, unless it rains out there I suppose. I plan on cleaning the yard, and finishing laundry before they get home.
I used to envy those who are free every second weekend due to divorce, or WHATEVER, but now, quite honestly, I feel sad for them. It is very lonely. Sigh.
I'm such a loser. lol

Sometimes I wonder ....

... how long I can stick it out at this job! I am at Alberta Hospital, and I am so incredibly BORED!!! I fell asleep at my desk (just dozing, really) and the housekeeping guy woke me up. Boy did I feel silly.
There is quite honestly nothing to do but surf the net, read my book and eat. No wonder I am having weight issues. Well, there are probably many reasons for that!
I wonder what is worse ... camping vs working here.