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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

well, it's been awhile

Needless to say, my first comment is "Way to go Oilers on that fabulous run!" I have to admit, that i have become a hockey fan. I'm going to have to apologize to my gender, I'm afraid. I guess there is something to hockey after all. Who knew that a bunch of men with no teeth, skating around in what looks like a great big diaper, chasing a little black puck, and slamming each other into the boards could be so much fun.
Thanks to Diniz and Lynne of course for putting up with us through four of the games. It's so much more fun to watch it with friends!
Leon is in Fort McMurray until probably Thursday sometime. The children are driving me nuts ....... Oh wait, they were doing that even before he left. I think, actually since birth!
Have a good day all!

Monday, June 05, 2006

We're having a party! Well, maybe not really a party, maybe more of a gathering. Okay, alright, just a few friends coming over. Man, you people are harsh! Okay, we're going door to door to see if we can find any friends. Just look at us. Wouldn't you come? Please? I'm begging.

OMG I can't handle the pressure!

Parenting you think?
Maybe work stress?
Nope. Hockey. It is tied at three. The oil are giving it away in this third period (listen to me talking like a real pro!) and my heart can't take any more. I am now in the computer room listening to the game. Good Lord, to those of you who stick it out and watch, I salute you!
Oh, and FYI, you would be right if you thought it was the parenting. Because HOLY CRAP that sucks the big one these days too!!!
Enjoy the rest of the game you wackos! Me and Pogo have (Oh crap, I think that another one for Carolina) a date.
Now the pressures off, maybe I'll go watch it again.