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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Busy 'Not So" Little Bee

Wow. I guess it has been awhile. Three months almost since my last entry. What has happened in the Lemoine household ...
Cassie turned 10. No more single digits for her. She is starting to develop that pre-teen attitude, but not quite to the extent of our drama queen Asia! But, still, she has this foolish notion that she is her own person with her own thoughts and ideas, needs and dreams. I have to stomp on that immediately before it gets out of hand! lol She is a little extension of me. What a frightening thought! She has a guitar now, and a cute little case for it, but seeing as our lives are crazy busy, we have yet to get her anywhere for lessons. Shame on us, I know.
In February, Cassie raised $500 towards the Make a Wish Foundation, and the Stollery, and participated in the St. Valentine's Day Hair Massacre and shaved her head! She has handled it very well, better than I expected. She is still called a boy quite often (I make her wear pink and earrings as often as possible) and has lost her beautiful golden locks, as it is coming in dark brown. She is very proud of what she did, and because she hit the $500 mark, she gets a Kali-Bear. We go to pick it up next weekend.
In March we said good-bye to our first tween and welcomed a full-fledged teenager. Lord help us! She is a hormonal drama queen to beat all hormonal drama queens!!!! Everything is boys and her friends. Her friends know everything, and sometime between her turning 10 and 13 her parents brain cells all disolved into mush, resulting in us knowing absolutely nothing about anything ... EVER! Nothing is her fault, nor is life fair, and God help the person who is closest to her when she stubs her toe! It will, understandably be that person's fault. Our phone line is tied up because she holds it to her ear, and listens to music and plays on the computer all at once ... It is amazing the multitasking that can go on, yet she can't remember to bring her trombone home to practice!
I got another job at the Royal Alex Hospital. I will be a unit clerk in emergency, as well as a porter. I am looking forward to the porting job, as it has been years since I have been off my ass for any length of time, and it is starting to show. Oh, wait, it was showing a long time ago. I am working a lot between my clinic job, and the Alberta Hospital, now the Alec, and in June I have three weddings booked. Leon is doing a lot of single parenting these days. It is only temporary, though. I just do not have enough faith to leave my sure thing (the clinic) until I know that the other jobs will work out. My hope is that by June I can quit the clinic and just work the hospitals. I won't even book any more weddings. I will hopefully work three or four shifts per week, and have some days at home with the kids during the summer. Too much freedom is not a good thing, especially at Asia's age! So pray for us, if you so choose, that our family will be patient with me while I do this thing that I need to do. Livvy is starting to ask for Leon at bedtime, which tells me that I have been working too much lately. (Was it that, or the bags under my eyes, or forgetting where I live ... I don't remember) I have a total of five days off in just over two months. Not very good, but necessary for the short term.
Leon is still trying to do the fire dept thing. There is an opening at one of the chemical plants in the Fort. He is hoping for that, while still trying with the city. That would mean we would both be shift work, and I would work around his schedule, but at least one of us would be home the majority of the time. We can get reacquainted (whoa, I think I totally spelled that wrong!) later.
As for Liv, she is a non-stop talker now. She yaks and yaks and yaks. She tells tall tales (When she gets bigger, we'll just call them lies, but for now ...) and tattle-tales! It's usually Cassie that is to blame when things go wrong in her world. She sings, and dances and is just a little nutball! She saw a spider and Lynne and Diniz's and had nightmares all night. She tells everyone about that spider!! (Maybe I should bug Lynne and tell her that if her house was a little cleaner, she wouldn't have the spider She fell asleep in my arms last night while we were watching a movie. That doesn't happen much anymore so I cherished it until my arm fell asleep. Ringo whipped her in the head with his tail, and her little eyebrows came together, but she didn't wake up lol! She is just too cute!
As I type this I am working at Alberta Hospital (or, you might say, not working, seeing as I am typing on my blog ... so I should say I am getting paid for passing the time here today.) while my family is Easter Dinnering with his family Hosted by Gerry and Marg. We are next to host, which will be Thanksgiving...... maybe I can pick up a couple shifts for that weekend too!!! lol Hosting big dinners is not my favorite thing. I consider it in the same category as, maybe, digging out ingrown toenails, or discussions with the kids' teachers, OH, or getting stuck at a very long, very slow train when you are low on gas, and desperately have to pee!!!
I suppose I should stop at that. Attention spans are low to non-exsistent these days, at least among the people I know! lol
Oh, Craid and Cindy had a baby boy on April 5, little no-name baby last I heard! He is beautiful!

Also, Tammy and Mark are due to have number three any day now! I am very excited for both little families. (But, no worries, not so excited that I am about to do it again!)