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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another week ahead ...

Another weekend behind us. Another busy week ahead.
I went for my consultation on Friday and have booked my eye surgery for the 24th of May. (A week off work! Shucks, whatever will I do!) My tatoo is booked for May 10. I'm thinking that when I lost the gumption to lose weight I decided to do drastic things in hopes that people won't notice the weight problem. Will it work? Not likely. I am looking very forward to both of these personal-space invasions regardless!
The girls started soccer on Saturday. They will play MOST Wednesdays and Saturdays, but to my dismay, almost never at the same time. That would be just TOO convenient. Cassie starts swimming in school (well not right IN the school you understand) this week, and they start back in gymnastics next Thursday. We are also looking into voice and piano lessons. What is that about keeping kids busy? Good thing I don't remember having a life of my own, otherwise I would probably miss it. Have a good week all.
PS Lynne, church camp is in July. $85 if you pay before May 31. It is an all day camp. I can even get the kids there and pick them up. There will be field trips etc, it sounds like it will be good. Also our church is doing a Da Vinci Code series if you guys are interested (or maybe Diniz's confused witness would be interested.) CTV news was there this morning. Let me know about camp.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just another day ... nothing much to say

Another day, another dollar. Except I'm not seeing the dollars! I figured it out yesterday and I make $35 per day after childcare and taxes. That is less that $6 per hour. That sucks.
Anyway, a busy weekend is behind us again. We went out for Chinese on Saturday and then watched Christopher and Marisa so Diniz and Lynne could enjoy an evening out. We had a good time and Cassie kicked butt in Monopoly. Sunday was church and then off to Ma and Pa's to drop Livvy off. They got us Globetrotter tickets and then fed us supper. (YUM YUM YUM!!!!) We had the most fabulous donuts for dessert.
Take a gander at my girls with the VERY nicest of all the 'trotters!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My little model

Livvy was a delightful model. For all of about a minute and a half! I managed a couple in that short spurt of time.
Lynne and Diniz are coming over today. The kids are spending the afternoon here then we'll have them stay for supper ... hmmmm, should I maybe discuss that with them before I plan it? Oh well.
Tomorrow we go see the Globetrotters. How COOL is that?
I booked my tattoo. I get it May 10 - Buddy's birthday. It's a cute little ghecko. Penny told me to get a bunch of tattoos and put them all over me so I can see where I like it best. I did that. Then last night we go swimming of all things, and I am plastered in fake tattoos. lol I discovered my shoulder blade is the best. She told me it'll hurt like *#!^**. But she said if I can give birth, raise children and put up with a husband, then it's comparible to those things. So, yup, it'll hurt!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter all! I just wanted to share the news that Leon was baptized today!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Shame on me!

Okay, I've been told. I guess some people read my blog after all! lol.
Well, life has been a little boring to tell the truth. On Thursday it was our 10th anniversary, so Leon and I went out for chinese and then to a movie while Mom and Dad watched the kids. We got home and minutes later Livvy is barfing again. It went on and on and on until 6:30 in the morning. Thank goodness I had the day off! Needless to say the night did not end as planned!
I took Liv to the doctor the next day and we started with a urinalysis. That came back clear so now we're doing blood work. Poor little soul, as Dr. Krinke says. If that is also clear then we go to a pediatrician.
On a happy note, Liv seems to be a little spunkier, but still not up to snuff.
We layed pretty low on Friday seeing as I hadn't slept the night before. Saturday night I was up puking all night. I slept on the couch downstairs so I wouldn't keep everyone awake. Once Leon and the girls got up for church I went upstairs to go to sleep. Seeing as I was empty I figured it would be safe. Leon took the girls to church and I slept until 2:00!!!!
It is now Wednesday night. Asia had her science fair tonight. It was very cool! I'm glad I never had to do anything like that! The worst thing I had to do was put a regurgitated mouse back together. (I let Susan do most of that! It pays to have a smart best friend!) Toward the end of the evening, Leon was feeling crappy. We got home and he went straight to bed. Cassie informed me that he was in fact hurling, and she was a little creeped out at having witnessed the event.
Hmmmmm....who is next?
More tomorrow! I promise! Who knew I actually had something to say after all! I'm going to jot down a tip so I remember the other things I wanted to talk about!
Lynne, and Char!
There. That's easier than a string around my finger! lol
I am attaching a picture I took of the roses Leon delivered to my work for our anniversary!