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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

My little model

Livvy was a delightful model. For all of about a minute and a half! I managed a couple in that short spurt of time.
Lynne and Diniz are coming over today. The kids are spending the afternoon here then we'll have them stay for supper ... hmmmm, should I maybe discuss that with them before I plan it? Oh well.
Tomorrow we go see the Globetrotters. How COOL is that?
I booked my tattoo. I get it May 10 - Buddy's birthday. It's a cute little ghecko. Penny told me to get a bunch of tattoos and put them all over me so I can see where I like it best. I did that. Then last night we go swimming of all things, and I am plastered in fake tattoos. lol I discovered my shoulder blade is the best. She told me it'll hurt like *#!^**. But she said if I can give birth, raise children and put up with a husband, then it's comparible to those things. So, yup, it'll hurt!!!

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