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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Well, I've been told ...

A doctor came into the office so I had to close down my post! The baby shower was a lot of fun. I won the baby bottle toss, and the baby food taste test (lucky me)! I ate way more than I should have - no, not babyfood! (But I find with my family out of the house I am not eating real meals, so in all fairness to me, I was starving!!) and visited, and laughed and held wee Luke. I don't see Tammy often, so that was very nice. I miss her, and have to find time for friends more often!
I think she liked her gift of food and drugs, discs of pics and a slideshow, jammies, diapers, and a verse I authored myself and framed, all so creatively loaded into a laundry basket and covered with a receiving blanket. I'm a genius ... lmao
After the shower I did laundry, cleaned house, made a stir-fry, went to a local trade show, watched a movie, read my book and went to bed. The solitude is nice ... in small doses! I don't imagine my family will be back until after supper today, unless it rains out there I suppose. I plan on cleaning the yard, and finishing laundry before they get home.
I used to envy those who are free every second weekend due to divorce, or WHATEVER, but now, quite honestly, I feel sad for them. It is very lonely. Sigh.
I'm such a loser. lol

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