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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

At home again!

I have taken more time off so far this year than in my total 7 years working at Cap Clinic! (not including the year I spent at home on mat leave of course!) Livvy tried to go to Shirley's today, but had a belly ache and wouldn't get off the couch, so I got through what I could at work and picked her up. Perfect timing I must say, because she puked all over herself in her car seat (gotta love that!) and pooped way more than she has eaten (where is it all coming from?) and now she is ready to rock and roll! I don't think the day home would go for it if I called her up and said "Hey, she pooped and puked, so she's feeling great now. Can I bring her back?" lol. Shucks! A whole day at home. Hmmmm... whatever will I do with myself? (Besides scrubbing car seats and toilets and door handles and everything elsde in hopes that no one else picks up this nasty bug!)

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