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Thursday, March 09, 2006

bible study

Well, it turns out I was right about last night. There was definitely some controversy. It started at home, with deciding who would attend bible study, and who would stay home with sick Livvy, Asia and Cassie. Round one goes to me!

We are studying Romans and last night we read Romans 11;1-15. One of the verses talks about how God made certain people deaf to His word, and blind to Him, and made their minds dull etc. To me, this goes against the grace and mercy we are taught about God. Round two did not go to me, because it turns out, that was not where the tension was going to come in.

One question was "What do you think turns people off christianity?" (Or something like that). A couple people said "Christian people!" I never thought of it that way, but how true is that! There are bad apples in every bunch, and christians are no different, but as with everything it is only the bad that comes to light. It must be something to do with preferring the bad to the good, because it makes us feel better about ourselves.

Another discussion was when in your life have you ever felt rejection and what did you learn from it? My answer of course, "JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS!!!" How cruel kids can be. Looking back, I think Sonia was the only person who suffered the on again off again, cruelty of SOME of the girls. What did I learn from it? Close off. (No not CLOTHES off! I was never that kind of girl ... shame on you!)

I love how candid we can be at our bible study sessions. There is no judgement, and I love that.

Time to parent these little versions of myself.

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