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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

And a fine morning it is!

Hey all! Livvy is feeling so much better. She woke up at 3:00, had a snuggle and a drink and went right back to sleep. Then at 7:00 again, for a few crackers and stories and back to sleep again. Considering she slept all day yesterday, I am thrilled with that. We are going to sit down and watch Miss Spider soon, then I think she will be going back down again. One would never know I spent Friday cleaning house with all the sitting around on my butt I did yesterday snuggling Liv. (Speaking of which my poor butt feels like I just took a day trip to Winnipeg! Ouch!)
Leon and the girls headed off to church this morning - I'm sure that one day Liv will qualify as one of "the girls" lol - which left me a little disappointed. I tried on my dress pants on Friday and was thrilled to find that they fit, and quite comfortably at that! I was looking forward to wearing them. Leon went armed with both our bank cards, as we are now titheing. Usually I do the transaction and fill out the envelope, so this is going to be very hard on him I think. lol
Have a delightful day!


BadassG said...

Okay, this is frustrating trying to comment, but let's see if this works. More later...

Rhonda said...

Oh YAY! I got a comment!

BadassG said...

Are you watching the Oscars, or trying to catch some Zzzs after your hard weekend? I hope our wee girl is better tomorrow, and that it hasn't spread to somebody else in your household.

Sleep well, my children.