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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Oh, boy! Where have I been? Turns out Livvy's fine. A little too much spinning around on the lino I guess. She has been pretty quiet and doesn't have much of an appetite lately, so hopefully she's just fighting whatever it is and will win this time!
Asia and I went out last night to spend her birthday money and to get her ears pierced. She got the first one done, and then I looked at it, and said "Oh, that's the wrong earring!" So what they did was give us $4 off. Hmmmm, not worth it. They are kind of boring and yuck. Oh, well, in a few weeks she can change them. Hopefully she will put sleepers in and leave them be. Then we went out to Tim Horton's and a few other stores. It's a nice treat to be out with just one kid. No one else to distract you. She got a beautiful outfit from old navy and got her second holes in her ears, and bought new earrings for the first ones. My little girl. Wow.
Tomorrow is Friday and the girls finally get to do their birthday parties. They each picked one friend for a sleepover, and on Saturday we are spending the day at the WEM waterpark.
Wish me luck!

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