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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Best Answer To Any Question Will Always Come In Blog Form

I was asked a little while ago how I put up with Leon's imperfections.

Yes, plural.

Now, please understand (Leon) that this wasn't a question specifically directed at me because Leon is such a pest. Even though he is. Rather, it was a general relationship question. And for some reason, this person thought that I might actually have a most perfect and inspiring answer.

My answer was "bite my tongue and tip-toe". I know. I'm chalk full of wisdom.

However, having had some time now to digest the question and properly regurgitate a most fabulous answer, I feel the need to share it with everyone. (Complete with music if you want to scroll down and play it while you read.)

So here it is to all seven of you who read my poor, neglected blog.

I put up with Leon's imperfections because he is my husband. My confidante. My friend. The father of my children.

And you know what? He also puts up with my many imperfections. I leave my shoes wherever they happen to leave my feet. (And it takes three sweeps of the house for me to find them.) I insist on leaving my hair products on the bathroom counter. (And he insists on putting them away.) God knows I have put on weight since we met. (And bless him for pretending to look the other way when we both know he isn't.) I prefer to read at night. (And we'll just leave it at that.) I've decided since going to work full time that McDonald's provides a fully balanced meal consisting of meat, potatoes, bread and pickles. (And so he cooks me REAL food without complaining. Much.)

I find that we have both hardened in some ways that I wish we hadn't. And we both put up with habits and traits that may just drive each other crazy.

Because you know what? We're just human. I have a few people in the world that I love to judge, but for the most part I won't notice if you put on weight or get a bad haircut. I won't mind if you swear like a sailor or are the prude of all prudes. If I love the person that you are, then I will love you no matter what.

Even if you're a shit.

Which Leon is. On the best of days.

We did have a very rough patch not long ago. And I mean rough.

We worked through it.

We showed we were human.

We faced how delicate a marriage really can be.

And I honestly feel that we are better for it.

I'm still here after 18 years, three kids, several dogs and even more houses, bills and even more bills, whiny bouts of tears and countless rounds of hysterical laughter, because I want to be.

Flaws and all.


June Freaking Cleaver said...

That was sweet.

Glad to have you back. Hope you stay.

Betty said...

You said it so well. That is the answer: it´s because we WANT it. We/I want to keep my marriage going and that is the key. :)