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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In The Words Of My Daughter - FML

Trip to Seattle - check

Cheerleading and soccer - check

A million bingos - check

Trip to Florida - check

A miserable daughter that nothing will ever be good enough for - check

Fully supportive of plans to strike out on her own and on her own dime - check


wy-not said...

When you're 16 (and 15 and 14) you think you can change the world and everybody in it. I know it's difficult but she needs you. You can't give up on her. Without home support, she doesn't stand a chance. It's important to know, every single night, where your teenager is sleeping. Chin up sweetheart. Send her to us for the weekend. Get some space between you. We will help all we can. I WISH I was retired already, then I could help out more...

Betty said...

Daughter is a teenager - check!
Don´t give up, it´s over soon! :)

KK said...

Give her a few years :)

lisleman said...

sometimes I wonder if less would be more for them. Maybe I don't make sense but it seems that it's so easy when things are coming your way that you start to just expect it.
If anything good came from this recession it might be that a few people started to appreciate more simple things.
Just this year did I learn FML, but I don't understand bingos.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

Gee, wonder who will pay for those cheerleader trips to FL when she's on her own?

Here's hoping that she sees the light soon, and bides her time until she can actually get out there and work and be on her own, instead of in her rich fantasy life.

Lilly said...

Oh Rhonda its shit having a teenager. Aint that the truth. Do what your Mom says. Do not give up or let your boundaries down. She will be your best friend one day, really. Hang in there, you can do it! With a bit of help from alcohol...and chocolate. I have to say I went through a bad, bad time with mine and most I dont even remember now.

Ronda's Rants said...

I remember those years fondly...So does my mom. It's the circle of life dear, only nobody dies in this story, we just keep living to torture each other :)