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Monday, May 03, 2010

Suddenly The Brain Is Wondering: "Where The Hell Did My Blood Supply Just Go??"

Wow, did I get a kick out of reading this.

They seriously did a "study" on how our brains function when we are
  • Interupted by a person of the opposite sex
  • Interupted by an attractive person of the opposite sex, and
  • Interupted by an attractive person of the opposite sex that is found to be attractive by the "study" participant.
Is anyone else wondering why the hell funds would be wasted on a study such as this? Should we not already have guessed at the outcome?

Seriously, what will they think of next??

Oh, by the way, women passed with flying colours.

You. Do. Not. Intimidate. Us.

Just sayin'.


lisleman said...

Was this the study where they found out some guys didn't know women had eyes because they never looked that far up??

Rhonda said...

This must have followed that one. Part of it said that they had to really concentrate on where they were looking so their eyes wouldn't stray! lol

wy-not said...

The study might be a surprise to the men among us, but women knew it all along. Thanks for sharing!