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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So, Just What ARE Kids Learning In School These Days??

How sad is it that my daughter, who will be 13 this Friday, just last night learned that mushrooms are part of the vegetable family?

She was picking her birthday supper, which naturally was Outbacks and quickly was kyboshed, because HOLY MOTHER are they expensive!!

We went on to decide that her dad would make his soon-to-be-famous-and-make-us-millions ribs. I asked her what she would like with the ribs.

Caesar salad.

Okey dokey. What vegetable do you want?

Ummm…. Can I have a fruit instead?

What fruit would that be, you are wondering, right?

I was wondering too, seeing as I buy fruit that continuously goes bad because “Ew! I don’t like that!”

She wants canned pears.


Her birthday wish is canned pears.

So me, being the amazing mother that you have grown to know and love through my blogging years, let her know that I would be happy to buy her canned pears for her lunches and she does not have to wait until her birthday. It does not have to be an annual thing. I went and bought canned pears that very night.

I’m pretty awesome.


I asked her again what vegetable she wanted with her ribs.

She could not think of a single one.

So I offered up her dad’s fried mushrooms.

“Gasp! Mushrooms are a vegetable?”

Oh my.

“Technically,” I responded, “they are a fungus. But who am I to judge?”

So there we have it.

Caesar salad
Fried mushrooms/onions
Asparagus (for me of course!!)
and for dessert, ice cream cake from none other than Dairy Queen.

Oh, I love birthdays!!

Next on the agenda is to pry out of her what she wants for her big 13th! So far she is requesting a purple soccer ball and Mario Kart for the Wii.

She's such an easy-to-please child.

And I thank God for that every. single. day!


Sheila said...

This is hilarious! Canned pears?
And thankful that she is so easy to please! :)

lisleman said...

so nice when it stays simple - hope she can remember simple for a long time.

wy-not said...

Okay so what else might she like? Might she want the new DVD of Michael Jackson's This Is It! if we could find it? Or maybe a red Olympic hoodie, if we could find it? And money, of course. And are you playing soccer on Friday night? We thought we - yes, WE - would come and watch, if so. Then we could also see the birthday girl? Or what?

Betty said...

Easy she is! That´s great, I hope she stays that way.
Happy Birthday to Cassie!!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Well Happy Birthday to your brand new teenager. Does that even give you heart palpitations? Teenager! I would curl up in a ball and suck my thumb.