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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

In My Wee Little Mind....

..... I think it's fair to ask kids to do dishes occassionally.

..... I think I'm in waaaay better shape than I actually am. When the hell did my ass start to hang over the sides of the seat on my spin class bike?

..... I'm so incredibly funny. Then why am I the only one laughing at my jokes and one-liners? Seriously! What the fuck is wrong with you people?

..... I'm still 25. No way do I fit the Female, Fat and (almost) Forty category. My doctor actually asked if I think my tummy troubles could be gall bladder, since I seem to Fit the three "F"s. I pretty quickly thought of another "F" word for her. Sigh....

..... I think people noticed my bloggy absence. Either they didn't (except Kim!! *grin*) or they just come to accept that real-life breaks are necessary.

..... I'm not even close to old enough to have an (almost) 16 year old, another turning 13 on Friday. I'm just barely old enough to have my 6 year old for crying out loud. I'm pretty sure I started at 12, which makes me 28. That's pretty reasonable I think.

..... I'll try to find more time for blogging. But really? Real life is number one for a change. Work. Soccer. Exercise. Cleaning house. There isn't much time left after that.

..... I'm still thinking about you all and trying to read some blogs. Truth be told? I'm not succeeding.

Have a great day. I'll probably have a fantastic one .... in my wee little mind that is.

Reality, though? Notsomuch.


Anonymous said...

You r so f'ing funny!! I totally understand about the ass...I turned around the other day to tell the lady behind me to back off a little and damn if it wasn't my own ass!!

Rhonda said...

ROTFL!!! I hate it when that happens!

Betty said...

I noticed your absence! But I was absent I can´t blame ya´... :)
Sounds like you´re ok though. Pretty normal, when life takes over!
What with a 16 and 13 year old.

wy-not said...

WELCOME BACK. I missed you. That said, I don't seem able to commit to a blog of my own, and I'm really far less busy than you are. Don't know how you do it, girlio!

Soliloquy said...

How? HOW I ask you, am I just meeting you?

I wish there was a way to see lurkers. Wait. No I don't. Then the train wreck blogs I can't help but read would see me comin'. Heh.

I had my gallbladder out when I was 31, but it had given me trouble for three years prior. Agonizing trouble. I totally didn't fit the profile but gallbladder trouble runs in my family.

My best advice is have the sucker removed. I feel SO much better and it's an EASY surgery to recover from.

Maybe don't tell your husband that last part.... and proceed to MILK IT.

豚骨拉麵Tiger said...