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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Newest Teenager!!

Side note: Lord help me. Another teenager.
Another teen GIRL.
Just shoot me now.

Cassie, my sweet, happy, daughter who balances my angry oldest and my spoiled brat youngest.

Cassie, my TV addict. My soccer player.
My easy-to-please kid.

Cassie, who many say is a mini-me!

Happy Birthday Cassie!! I hope you have a great, great day!


debi9kids said...

LOVE the photos. Shows off her personality just wonderfully.

Good luck with 2 teenage daughters... it's "fun". UGH

Happy Friday!

wy-not said...

You bring tears to my eyes. She is all that and more - the sensitive, caring, thoughtful girl. The smiler. The tall beauty. I hope her teen years are memorable for her in all the best of ways.

Anonymous said...

mini you in looks only!!

Tonya said...

You have a beautiful daughter!

Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day! Have a great weekend!

Melissa B. said...

2 teenagers in the casa? Welcome to my world! Seriously, though, Happy Birthday to Cassie!

Betty W said...

She´s a beautiful girl! I hope she continues to be all the things you mentioned and more.

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Lilly said...

Oh what sweethearts your girls are. They are beautiful and all different too. Congratulations to the birthday girl and its going to be an exciting time in your household isn't it? You will get throught it - keep a bottle of something in your handbag - for medicinal purposes only of course.

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