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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Mornings at My House!

This is what you'll see when Mama arms herself with her camera on a Sunday morning....

Here I go!

Liv's playing with her DS and watching TV.

She's having a jammie day.

Can you read his lips here? I had to chase him for this and caught him mid "What are you DOING?" while brushing his teeth! lol He loves this one. I'm a little afraid though, because he told me "Payback's a bitch." Uh oh.
Here's sleepy head. She's now a teenager, and you know what THAT means!

Must. Look. Pretty. For. Soccer.

There you have it. Team Lemoine on any given Sunday morning. Aren't you happy to know this?
Blogger's block sucks, doesn't it? lol


Lilly said...

Made me smile - I love the have to look pretty for soccer - they are all the same! Watch out for payback - can't wait to find out what he does, lol!

Betty said...

I liked it. Makes me "know" you better and your family looks pretty great for a Sunday morning!

angie said...

I loved seeing what everyone in your house is doing on a Sunday morning. I particularly like the one of you. It's so pretty. I'm a little worried for you for the payback though............:)

wy-not said...

RAH Rah rah, Team Lemoine! You're all winners in any game! (((hugs!)))

豚骨拉麵Tiger said...