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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Randomness That Is Asia and Her Camera.

If not for her, I'd have nothing.
I'm the mechanic with the car that won't start.
The plumber with the backed up toilet.
The photographer without pictures of her kids.

The usual shot of the typical teenage girl taking pictures of herself.

My de-stress mask.
It didn't work.

Asia and the boy. Friends again. 
Thank God!

Where do they learn this stuff?

Yes, it snows here in Canada in the middle of August.
At least it feels like it these days!
Oi! Is it ever cold in the mornings!

Cheer camp in Seattle.

These fine young ladies and gentlemen won all the competitions and will be going to Florida during the 2009/2010 school year!

Asia took this on the bus to Seattle!!
Isn't this beautiful?

Have a great day. Tomorrow is a busy day with work and then I'll be working a bingo directly after! Then right after work on Friday I'm off for the lake! 
We/I just never stop!


Ronda's Rants said...

Love the pics, the girls are so cute and sassy!
Where in Florida?

the treat girl said...

Cindylou got a cute little pink camera last year for her birthday and NEVER uses it!!! I always ask her if she wants to bring it with...she just uses her cell phone camera all the I put it in my purse and call it my "spy camera"...when I need to remember something I want to knock off...or something adorable comes up and I don't have my big huge camera...I whip it out!!

Sheila said...

Love the pics - thanks for sharing! And the pic she took on the drive to Seattle - BEAUTIFUL!

wy-not said...

LOL! I'm so glad you have cheeky kids! Who are the other little styro-girls with Livvie? And why is it that the one cheerleader I recognize in the photo is the only one with her shirt rolled up to show that cute little midriff - if I looked like that I would roll my shirt up too. Love the pix. Love the girls! Y'all make my heart go pitty-pat.

Betty said...

Great pic´s! You have a stunning daughter! Congrats to Asia for winning the competition!! That´s awesome.
How´s Olivia taking the change in your work schedule?
Have fun at the lake!!

Michelle said...

Great shots. What a great capture from the bus Asia got! The girl has a good eye.

angie said...

I agree with Michelle. Asia has a great eye. You are so busy! Hope it's an enjoyable busy!