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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Countdown To Christmas!

Yeah, you heard me right.  It is only four months and eight pay cheques away!

Are you ready?


Me neither.

I used to be so good about having Christmas shopping done by September. It isn't because I was uber-organized or anything.  No frigging way!

I just found that all the September expenses took so long to pay off that by the time we were seeing "green" again, it was time for Christmas spending.  

And that was just depressing!

Lately, though, we aren't even getting out of the September hole when we are digging deeper for Christmas.

And folks, I'm cheap!  I set very reasonable limits and try my best to stick to them. Some years I have even done baking in fancy tins to offset expenses. 

But I found that was even more $$, because by the time we ate our way through a baker's dozen of baker's dozens of cookies, I could have just bought each person a fancy diamond or something.

So, no more baking for Christmas.

Gift cards are good, and oh, so easy! 

But boring.

Is anyone out there doing anything fancy AND within their means this year?

Totally random change of subject:
My song of the week that I just totally can't get enough of!!


KK said...

I'm neither fancy or creative. But I'm ready to get shopping!

Trish said...

okay that just ruined my day...thanks for the Christmas countdown!!!!!

We only buy gifts for our parents and kids in the family. No other adults. It really cuts down on expense. Oh, and I don't buy my son's teachers gifts either. Since he has been in middle school he has way to many teachers.

The place I work at has a Christmas Club and I have money taken out of each pay check and put in that account. Then the last week of October that cut us a check with interest!!! It's really nice to be able to pay cash for all my Christmas shopping and when it is already taken out og your check you don't really miss it.

Rhonda said...

That's a great idea!!

the treat girl said...'s been nagging at my brain too.....I have a Christmas in October too...Two kids and a husband all in one week!!! Then the REAL Christmas rolls around.....I get started really early knitting mittens and making jewellery for friends at teachers while I sit at football practice all through the fall.....but I always start stressing in August with back to school, my birthday shindigs...then THE BIG one!! YIkes!!! Good luck!!

Brandy@YDK said...

let me know if you find the perfect cheap awesome present. I'll take 20

Sheila said...

I LOVE picture gifts for family. Such as parents, in-laws, maybe aunts & uncles. There is ALL sorts of stuff at and and, just check out their "photo gifts." There is SO much out there too choose from! And SOMETIMES if you are lucky - you can google and get all sorts of "coupon codes" for those places and make the gifts EVEN CHEAPER! (don't think that's a word-but you get my drift!) :)

wy-not said...

Picture gifts!!! I love Sheila's idea. And you have great pix of everybody, or at least, time to get some between now and November if you don't already have them. How FUN to open a gift that's a picture of something unexpected - like your own house photoshopped onto a Spanish hillside, or your own face on a model's body, or something totally FUN! Otherwise, learn to knit. You can make us all some variegated pink and purple doilies. Dad will love that. :-)

wy-not said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wy-not said...

Oh duh! That removed comment was mine, because it appeared twice. It's clever - but it's not THAT clever.

Betty W said...

Ok, you really shocked me with your title! Not already!!
This year is going to be easy with the gifts. Both girls are getting "bigger" (speak expensive) gifts for their birthdays and I already told them that it was for Christmas too. Since Marisa is coming to visit us this Christmas we want to do a little traveling instead of buying lots of gifts. So that just leaves the parents and I have no idea what to do there. Maybe I´ll take your mom´s advice and start to learn to knit.... :)