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Monday, August 24, 2009

WTF Did I Just Say?!?

Tuesday's Tribute.  


Laughing at ourselves is so important.

Being totally okay with others laugh at you.


There are certain things that I do that are so horrifying they are worth remembering forever. That said, I am afraid that they will be wiped out of my memory just like EVERYTHING off my hard drive a few days ago. So, let's all enjoy my stupidity here for a moment, so that it can be logged for all time.

I'm a bit of an idiot, to be honest. My mouth goes before my brain, so naturally, Asia comes by it honestly. I tell her that just like her goofy looks, her mouth/brain affliction is genetic. Such is life.

One day, while at work, I was having a very busy Monday. There was a line up of patients, but sadly, patience was lacking. There were phone lines all lit up, but they didn't make me any brighter.

Thankfully, people rarely listen when a phone is answered. They usually know whom they have called and don't really give a shit how you greet them.

Which was a blessing in this instance.

I answered the phone with a muttered "Capilano Medical Clinic. Can you help me?".

The lady on the other end didn't notice, but I sure did! I dropped my head and gave it a shake, and then I noticed a pair of feet beside my chair that didn't belong to me. (If I could bend and maneuver like that, Leon would most certainly be a happier man, but....) 

I slowly looked up, up, up, past the legs, scanned my way up the lab coat, to find Dr. Olson barely holding it together. It just so happened that this doctor intimidated me like no other. And, naturally, she was the one to overhear my stupidity.


The other time the death of my brain cells was witnessed was a few years later. I used to cover the front desk when the girls would go for lunch. By this time, I had created a different job for myself in the clinic and was no longer reception. (I thank the good Lord every day for that, I might add.) I worked shorter days than the rest of them, leaving usually by 3:00. It was awesome!

It had been a very long day, however, and I was about at my wit's end. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I scooped up my purse and coat and called out a hearty goodbye to my coworkers.

No slinking out the door unnoticed for me, nosireee! 

Usually, I am met with goodbyes and see ya tomorrows, but not this time. There was nothing but silence behind me. For good measure, I looked at my watch on my way out the front door. 

And then I stopped dead. Or should I say that is wishful thinking? Because I most certainly COULD have died! 

It was only lunch time.

And I realized that I had to turn and face my coworkers and slink back to my desk. As I swallowed my pride and turned, there was Di, looking completely baffled, and she said, "But.... Who's going to cover us for lunch?"

"Umm. That would be me." I responded. I put away my coat and purse and shuffled my way over to the front desk. I had to explain that I thought it was the end of the day. 

My bad.

And then the very minute the girls left, I phoned my Mom. And I gave her probably the heartiest laugh she had had in a long time. She was still laughing that afternoon when I called her again. 
But so was I. And I still shake my head when I remember it.


House Queen said...

too funny!!!!!

Bill Lisleman said...

" lines all lit up, but they didn't make me any brighter..."
that's good.
Maybe I differ on this, but I do listen to how the phone is answered. I recall when call id first came out and I was always surprised when the other end knew it was me calling.

KK said...

Don't feel bad, I do things like that daily!

LisaLisa said...

Funny!!! Dropping by from SITS to say hello.

Claremont First Ward said...

I love to hear that other people have "moments", too. :)

Ronda's Rants said...

Seriously...we could be twins separated at birth about 20 years apart!

wy-not said...

Oh those are great moments. GREAT moments. I love them both, but I think my fave was the "Can you help me?" Still makes me laugh till I cry. Thanks for the good laughs this morning. I needed them.

Betty W said...

LOL!! Girl, now you know the power of wishful thinking!! hahaha