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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Chicks notice chicks and will appreciate their beauty without being all bashful and homophobic about it.  That said, and this is totally not the direction I meant to head in, I wonder if dudes are allowed to notice a dude with the same openness?  There may finally be a double standard that men have to watch out for instead of them always being aimed at us. 

Like I said, not where I was going.

Let's carry on, shall we?

I was wondering back to my office when I, and four men close by, noticed a quite attractive young thing walking in my direction. Now, I will notice her just like everyone else, but what I pay MORE attention to is the reaction of people around me.

I remember being that cute little thing that turned heads. And I don't think it is all weird and ego-trippy to say so. It was what it was. Likewise, I am who I am, and now look the way I look.  I don't like it much, but what the hell am I supposed to do about it? Diet and exercise?  Pshaw!

The nice thing about those days being in the past is that I am now free. I can scratch my butt, and you know what? It's okay. Because no one is looking.

I can pick my nose and fling stuff at the guys looking at the hot girls, and it's okay. Because no one is paying attention to this chubby chick. (I think it's okay to call myself chubby because Melissa did it in her post and it just worked without drawing any sympathy from the crowd. So, it's okay right? And after all, I just called myself a previous hot chick, basically, so now I'm just trying to keep a good balance.)

Hot chicks have to be CONSTANTLY aware that people are watching them. And that's very intimidating, really.

I did, I must say, glance at my reflection in the glass as I kept walking (Oh, don't look at me like that. We ALL do it!) and I look like a frigging duck. You know, the great big rear end that actually sticks WAY out back.  Unfortunately, i don't have that big, proud chest that ducks boast, but it looks like I do, because of the way I lean forward a little bit.

'Nuff said.

Now, just for fun, what do you see in your reflection? Come on. Use your imagination....


Kimberly said...

Me too, no one is checking me out any more and it's so freeing!

Ronda's Rants said...

I, too am-formally-a-hot-chick...
I am 51 and I am however quite big with the senior citizen crowd!
These sweet men practically break their necks (hips) opening doors for me!
Women just need to know who your fans are! :)
Have a great weekend..
Soon I was see you in Vegas!!!

wy-not said...

Oh I do like the analogy. I am a bear. A sweet-natured, smiling black bear. You know the way they hunker down when they're nosing around the berry bushes looking for eats? And you know they have those big old round backsides, and those big wide arms? Big noses? Fat bellies? Well, that's me. Only thing is, soak them down with water and they're a whole lot skinnier. Not so much for me. Sigh. But I love your duck. She's pretty cute.

Lilly said...

Actually I am with Rhonda - I am a used to be ok hot chic too. Now I am middleaged and I like to hang with an older group. Amazing what that can do for your confidence. Every hot chic has her day I guess, he he. Personally I am kind of glad those days are over. Its much more relaxing to be invisible, lol!!