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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday's Homework Assignment

The Prompts:

1.) Ask A Dad! Write a letter asking your husband for advice regarding any issue you might have and record his answer.
(inspired by Three Bay B Chicks)

2.) Describe a situation that forced you to confront a neighbor.
(inspired by Jori-O)

3.)Tell us about Grandpa.
(inspired by Heather at The Extraordinary Ordinary)

4.) Which appliance in your home would you most miss living without if you had to live without.
(inspired by Amy at Escape Into My Thoughts)

5.) What are three things we would love to know about you!
(inspired by Live. Laugh. Pull Your Hair Out)

Okay, well, again, none of these are speaking to me. That's just great. (And I do apologize if some of the fabulous bloggers who came up with these great topics come over and then feel all sad because they haven't inspired me. Rest assured, I just feel uninspireable today. And yes. I know that's not a word. Love me through it.)

1. Not doable. Leon and I have very opposing views and his advice would be totally lame and then we'd fight and then he'd run off to the lake with my kids and my dog and leave me all by myself in this quiet house. Nothing but the radio on. (And my clothes, people. COME ON!!!) And that would be a real shame, right?

2. Had I confronted that neighbour, I would still be living in the house that I loved. She was so mean. Cruel and cold and she made me put a for sale sign on my lawn. And THEN she came over to apologize if she seemed a little off. Hmmm. Ya' think?? A little late, though. I just sold your precious house and made $22000 on it. So sorry.

Side note: We actually are quite friendly now when we see each other. We even went over there one time for Easter dinner! I know the people who bought my house have tried, unsuccessfully, to sell it, and you have no idea how close I have come lately to knocking on their door and making an offer!

3. My Grampa. He passed away. It will be two years in November. He was an army veteran. A father. A husband. A friend. A brother. A son. A grandfather. An avid golfer. A fisherman. An uncle. Read about him

4. I have been living without my dishwasher for months. And months. And months. Let me tell you about it.

When something you love has left you
And you're feeling all alone.
Rest assured that it misses you too
And it isn't really gone.

For it sits there in the kitchen
Tucked in so nice and snug
And it longs to pitch in
And clean the plates and mugs.

But, alas, it is quiet
He, too, feels left alone.
But every now and then you try it
It sounds like it's choking on a chicken bone.

You look inside in confusion
You slam the door in rage.
Only the repairman has the solution
But won't tell you until he gets paid.

"That's what you get when you buy cheap"
The husband and wife exclaim!
Poor dishwasher hears and begins to weep
And then it's quiet once again.

5. Three things you would LOVE to know about me? Or three things you're just going to find out anyway and will have to just deal with it? I like the latter.
  1. I wear my shoes, or slippers, in the house. And I take them off wherever my feet happen to get hot. I literally find shoes EVERYWHERE! Only now that I have a cast on my left foot, I'm only finding ONE shoe. I'm going to be so screwed when I have to start wearing two again. God only knows where the OTHER ones are!
  2. I sleep with my socks on. For part of the night. Eventually, those, too, come off at some point. When I get around to washing the sheets (ummm, yeah, totally weekly... cough) there are approximately 7 (or so) pairs of socks at the foot of the bed.
  3. I have another blog. It's for all the really juicy stuff.
That about does it. I went from not feeling it to writing a wee blurb on all five. I know. I amaze even myself. (We can add that to my list as number 4 if you like...)


Dan said...

You mean that the love-hate sage of you and the dishwasher isn't juicy? Oh well, I'll let you return to confronting the repairman.

Michelle said...

so awesome.

and yea, I wash my sheets every week.

Teri said...

I would not be able to make it without my washer and dryer. Had to do that for 11 days before. It was torture. With these kids who like to change their clothes every time the look out the window, I am covered up in no time.

And I have confronted the neighbor several times about parking in front of my mailbox. The cranky mail carrier refuses to get out of the freakin' truck to put my mail in my box if some idiot is parked in front on my box.

wy-not said...

Hahahaha. Funny. But I want to know about that other blog. Or do I?

And just FYI, we moved to a MOTEL for 3 months when you were but a newborn, your brothers were aged 1 and 2. And we took our dishwasher with us. I wasn't about to be washing dishes there, thank you very much. Hehehe. It was 1973!!!

wy-not said...

Oh, we weren't homeless. We were waiting for the contractor to finish building our new house. Thus, the motel.

Betty said...

I´m always glad to hear there are other couples out there that do not agree on everything... :) Sounds right about what we are like! :)

Mama Kat said...

Your poem is killing really need to get that fixed. :)

angie said...

Which reminds me. I lost the link in my email abyss of your juicy blog. May I have access, please? :)

Summer said...

awesome poem.

uncomfy do you sleep with all those socks down there??