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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wordful Wednesday! - A Camping We Will Go!

My kids get along swimmingly.

At the lake.

When we're camping.

And pretty much only then.

But beggars can't be choosers, right?

A little bit of sibling worship.

Playing cards and watching movies on a rainy day.

Singing around the campfire.

Then breaking out in dance! Line dance, that is!

The dog loves it too, of course! (Notice the handful of neck skin? Isn't my dog too young for turkey neck?)


Alicia said...

That's my idea of camping (being inside a motor home or trailer)!

Cute pictures of your girls!

Hazel said...

Fun activities for camping. They surely look like they had a great time. I love the photo with the doggie best of all. Happy Wednesday.

scrappysue said...

those pics remind me of my girls. they are so precious. not posed at all, but they really capture their bond and the fun they have

Octamom said...

So cute! My brothers and I have wonderful memories of the camping trips we had as kids!


Joy said...

Those are super great photos!

Sweet Annabelle said...

Great memory photos! I might reconsider camping, if I thought I'd get some sibling worship like you did!

Michelle said...

very cute!

you won a razor in my giveaway. Email me with your address when you get a chance.

Betty said...

These will be the best memories you´re making here! Isn´t it great when "they" get along?!!

wy-not said...

Ah, how I love photographic proof that these are, indeed, the good old days. We're living in the good old days right now, so the country singer said. Love the photos. Love those crazy girls. Love that dog. Love you all!

Teri said...

It is indeed such a reward when the kiddies get along, even if for just a short while. I treasure those moments. :-)