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Monday, March 23, 2009

Step One - Cut The Cord

A continuation from yesterday's Mom-Guilt post.....

And I'm not talking about the kids, I'm talking about the husband.

He really is capable of caring for and enjoying his kids.  Without you.

I know it hurts a little bit.

I know you need to have your nose in everything.  
God forbid you miss a moment.

Or leave him to make decisions on his own.  

Decisions you would make differently.

And seriously. You know that they won't possibly have as much fun with him as they do when you're around, so get a grip.

As much as we hate to admit this, it's true.

So it's time to deal.

Go out with the ladies.

Drink lots of wine.

And last but not least - Cause dorks like me need ideas ...



Ronda's Rants said...

You are not a are not even loose!
Have a great day!

wy-not said...

And from girls' nights out, girls' weekends away are born. It's all about progression, graduation, absolution, revolution! You go girl!

Betty said...

And once you´ve had the girls night out, you have something else to blog about... :)
Go ahead, DO IT!!!

Blog Stalker said...

Great post! I always like a creative use of pictures. I think there definitely has to be equal time parenting. Not just important for the kids but for both parents.

Have a great day!

Lilly said...

I used to run Girls Nights Out and they were fantastic. Go on do it!!! You will feel way better about eveything after a few cocktails, we all need our own time.