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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mom Guilt - We Do It To Ourselves

Not a single person expects of us what we expect of ourselves.  

I think we would find that if we step back even for a moment, there would be others there who would help. They may not do things like we would want them, but they would get done.  

Our kids would still be happy. 

Some simple alone time would not come back to haunt us years from now. 

Shaking a kid off your pant leg to go to the bathroom in peace is not a criminal offense. 

Grocery shopping alone won't get you uninvited from their wedding.  

  A girl's night is not something that should make you feel like a failure as a mother.  
Or a wife.

Having something just for us makes us more content, even happy people.


I do this to myself too.  

I had the opportunity to enjoy a ladie's night at a friend's house on Saturday night. I know that the Twilight movie itself does nothing for me, but the fun and laughter may have worked wonders. 

Last minute I felt bad and went to join Leon and our girls and Devyn at a movie. 

I don't regret that so much as just wish I maybe could have done both. 

I have to remember that my whole family, including myself, will benefit from a relaxed, rejuvenated mom/wife. 

This, hopefully, will serve as a reminder to my friends and family who read this to make me choose me-time at the next opportunity.  Not to feel badly because my family is fending for themselves for the night. 

I do it to myself. I know it. 

And admitting it is half the battle, right?

**Sidenote:  I did decide at 7:00 that I just needed to be by myself so I took off for Tim Horton's (No, my American friends, that is not a Dr. Suess book, but a coffee shop! lol) with my book and sat and enjoyed a hot chocolate and some quiet reading for 20 minutes. And, surprise of surprises, I came home feeling just a wee bit more like a real, live person.


DysFUNctional Mom said...

AMEN. You are so right. I'm glad you at least got a little bit of time to yourself.

Alex the Girl said...

A post I can relate to. You can't believe the excuses I make to myself that keeps me from having a "girls" night out. :sigh:

Dropping by from SiTS to say hello! Have a good one.

wy-not said...

As a parent, you tend to encourage your child to do that thing which you know they truly want to do anyway. Unless it's illegal, immoral or life-threatening, and sometimes even then. But I digress. You appeared to be really wanting to go with your family on Saturday night. Not sure why. But I hope you enjoyed yourself, no matter what your choice was. That's what life is, a whole series of choices one after the other, and we'd better always hope that most of the choices we make won't leave us with a bellyful of regret. I love you.

The Butterfields said...

Yay! You were a winner in my contest! Send me your address to j_butterfield(at)juno(dot)com and I'll mail you your coupon! Yay!

Betty said...

LOL! I loved the video at the end!
And yes, you should choose the girls night out next time! Think of it this way: Your girls need alone time with their dad. They need to bond with him as well and that way you are actually doing them a favor going out... :)
I love your mom´s comments. She sounds awesome!

Veggie Mom said...

Sweet vid! I'm actually having a "Girls' Nite Out" with one of my daughters tonite. REALLY looking forward to it!

Ronda's Rants said...

I haven't had a girls nite out in ages...I do miss it but at this point just a nite out period would be nice!
I am tired...

Bree Shaw said...

my husband and i have one night a week without kiddos. my kids usually go to my parents house every friday night and my husband and i generally go out with friends but sometimes it is just us. it makes our relationship stay alive! your family will be fine without you and you will be all rejuvenated when you get back from a GNO and they will want you to do it more often:)