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Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Case You Were Curious...

This is what happens when you have nothing better to do so you google "gross", "ick", "disgusting" and "disturbing" photos.

Aren't you glad you stopped by today?


Betty said...


That last one did me in! But I am laughing. You´re awful!

wy-not said...

Oh my oh my oh my! Rhonda. That's just sick. Especially the shark attack at the top. Eewwww! What a way to go! And umm, you gotta wonder what happened to the last picture. Looks owie for sure.

Veggie Mom said...

VERY attractive...thanks so much for sharing!

Amy said...

Ooooh Grooooossssss!! LOL!

Mama Kat said...

Your photography skills are amazing!!!

Lilly said...

Oh shite Rhonda thts horribel. And how did you get the picture of me by the way. I look that - wrinkles - I am telling you. Oh the first one did me in, oh that was gross. I just dont imagine what we look like when all is said and done - no different to a side of beef. Gross!!! If I have nightmares tonight I am so going to come and find you, he he. Its time your youngest found herself a man to give you something else to occupy your mind.

Bethany said...

EWWW....gross...gag!!!! Glad you enjoyed putting this lovely post for us ;)