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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Remember when...

Who remembers being 15? 

I think the reason I am having so much fun watching Asia and Devyn is because I was 15 when I had my first real relationship with real butterflies and girly excitement! The giggles and crazy feelings and absolute dramatic madness that comes with it.  Within days I knew he was my first love.  Loving so completely, the way only a teenage girl can.

He was my first many things.  Many of the usual.  He was also my first roommate when I moved out of my parent's house.  He bought me my first car. (It was a $49 car lot sale. I'm not THAT good.  lol)

He was the reason I first ventured into not only a police department, but an interrogation room. And also the cause of the first and only time I got questioned in the back of a police car. 

He was the first one who looked at me like I hung the stars my very own self!! And yet could destroy me like no other.

He was my first fiance and my first absolute and total heart break.  

Asia has had other boyfriends before. Only one that we ever met, and he was a pretty sweet kid too.  But she was only 13.  At 15, you just know that it is different. They are (a little bit) more mature. Asia and Devyn both know that I think he's pretty awesome. It's the 15 year old thing that hits me right square in the heart, though.

Oh, and they are actually, officially dating now.  Can you say BARF??? (Nothing personal Devyn!! lol)  Remember when you either were the one asking that "Will you be mine..." question, or were on the receiving end of it? And sometime you knew it was coming and sometimes you didn't. I always had that initial nervous, anxious, I'm so going to puke moment!! 

Well done, Devyn.  Well done.

Oh, the things she's got in store for her. It makes me excited and nervous for her. Moms always just want their daughters to be happy. (Dads want them to find someone who will make them happy, and at the same time to keep them a virgin forever.  lol)

I know that other moms think I'm crazy for ever (literally) pushing her directly into his path for that one dance.  I know that there is, like, a 99% chance that this will end with one or both young hearts broken. 

But it is all that in between stuff that matters.  The fun and the fresh and the new and the exciting.  The firsts that you forget about since all the first steps have happened and the baby teeth have fallen out.  You forget how important these older firsts are.  I think they are what help form you into the person you grow into. 

I won't bother you with any more details about them. Unless something wild and crazy happens.  

But stay tuned anyway... And while you're at it, tell us about your first love.... Comment OR post style.  If you post it just leave me the URL so I can come and read it!


Andrea Frederick said...

So many people say they wouldn't go back, but sometimes....(I admit) I miss those butterflies. The forbidden, the tears, the all night phone calls. Now all my husband and I talk about are our ya! I told my hubby I just wanted to make out like we were back in highschool the other night, he just rolled is eyes and said I was crazy...maybe so!

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

They look cute together. I remember all those feelings very well.

I remember my very first boyfriend. Like for real boyfriend. I was 13 and he was very cute. All the girls thought he was.

Have a great Friday!

Ronda's Rants said...

My daughter married her first boyfriend...they were off and on through out high school and college and in their Senior year of just knew from watching wasn't just puppy love anymore! We love, love , love him too!

Amy said...

How sweet! They make a cute couple.

I didn't have a REAL boyfriend until I was out of high school. The feelings are wonderful though, I wish them the best!

Bree Shaw said...

oh rhonda you made all my memories of my first love come flooding back! i put my blog address above so you can read about mine.

oh how i miss those days.....

wy-not said...

First love. First of all, Devyn and Asia, have fun together and try to look after your hearts. They shatter so easily. Secondly, is there anything on earth more exhilarating than first love? Mine turned out to be a twit, but that was much later. All those early, squirrelly, girlie feelings were just as you describe them Rhonda. Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question Mom! It is Yes, my love for your daughter is much more than exhilarating!!! If I can ever put it into words I will let you know!!!

Rhonda said...

Yeah, suck up to the mother-in-law, wise guy! lol

wy-not said...

Aw my sweet boy! Our Rhonda is the world's finest squirelly, girlie-bird, is she not. Gotta love that sweet sentimentality, don't we. :-D

Teri said...

My 15 year old scares me with her first real boyfriend thing. I know she is having fun, but she tends to be a bit sneaky. Which leaves me feeling a bit creepy. Yuck.

Veggie Mom said...

These kids have really "clicked," haven't they? My oldest has been with the same bf fo 3 years...we're thinking he "might" be the one!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

They are such a cute couple. Everyone gets their heart broken at least a time or two. It will probably hurt you even more than her, but it's inevitable, so why not push her towards a kid you like? He's a cutie!

The Butterfields said...

Oh, that just brought back so much from high school.... Good luck to the young lovebirds!!

Lace said...

You are a fabulous Mom! I hope to remember that teenage firsts are some of the most important. It's what we actually remember! It gave me butterflies thinking about all of this :) Always a good thing!

They are one good lookin' couple, huh? Too cute! I think we need more Asia/Devyn dirt!

Lace said...

You are a fabulous Mom! I hope to remember that teenage firsts are some of the most important. It's what we actually remember! It gave me butterflies thinking about all of this :) Always a good thing!

They are one good lookin' couple, huh? Too cute! I think we need more Asia/Devyn dirt!

豚骨拉麵Tiger said...