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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rhonda Needs....

I came across this on someone's blog a while ago, and as I sat here struggling, trying to find something entertaining, it came back to my mind.

What you do is type in your first name followed by 'needs' in google. And you share whatever comes out.

  1. Rhonda needs thoughts and prayers.  And chocolate.
  2. Rhonda needs a break on Flickr. This one carries on to say that I saw a staircase and had to try it.  Obviously the wrong Rhonda.....
  3. Rhonda needs the white pages.  I got nuthin.
  4. Rhonda needs your help.  Any psychiatrists in the house?
  5. I hate to pull rank, but Rhonda needs us all!  And chocolate.
  6. Rhonda needs emergency advice. This one goes on to say "Please hurry back.  We NEED you big time!"  Yeah, get in line.
  7. Rhonda needs to lose some weight. Well, she needs to lose a lot of weight. She also needs some medication for incontinence..... Wow! This one was literally speaking RIGHT TO me! It started with "Introducing Big Rhonda!"  I totally know that I'm not the only one to find that one hilarious. And somewhat familiar. And because I know you are incredibly curious at this point, Rhonda is a beautiful Rottweiller! lol
  8. And last, Rhonda needs to get laid.  Funny, that's what George says too. 
Give it a try.  It really is a hoot.  Hey, just for fun, let's try Rhonda wants....

  1. Rhonda wants to have Brandon Routh's babies. Okay, this gal is SO done with that! I wouldn't even have a set of Brad Pitt multiples, even for all the child support in the world!
  2. Rhonda wants it weekly. Hmmm. Yeah, not so much.
  3. Rhonda wants to move to Buffalo. Nope. I said tropical, not Buffalo!
  4. Rhonda wants nothing more than to I don't think you guys want to know what this one said.  Oh, really?  You do?  See #5!
  5. Rhonda wants nothing more than to suck you all the way up but she won't swallow your load and you must wear a condom.... So, apparently I have standards.  Good to know.
  6. Rhonda wants a smaller approval amount. Rather comical considering the one it's following!
  7. Rhonda wants to thank the people who have inspired her.  Awww. How totally sweet and so very true!
So I hope you have fun doing this, and that you don't stumble upon a sleazy Rhondas who work in the escort business.....


Lilly said...

How hilarious is this?

1. Lilly needs a lift - um facelift perhaps?

2. Lilly needs to go with me to weight watchers - so very true LOL!!!!!

3. Lilly needs fun - so right!

4. Lilly needs help - yes oh yes.

5. Lilly needs new drugs - this is making me laugh out loud

6. Lilly needs that one in 50000 chance - to win the lotto?

7. Lilly needs 2 pee - ha ha ha!!

Thanks for the laugh Rhonda too funny.

um have to tell you why did I call George, Leon in my last comment on a previous post. Is one your boyfriend LOL. I am confused. Not hard to do. Have a great day!

Ronda's Rants said...

#5 reminds me of the fact that "these working" girls make so little for that...
I read once in a paper that a girl got busted offering a cop $20 bucks for a #5! Are you kidding me?
These girls...need to organized a Union!

Aunt Julie said...

Chocolate is the BEST, isn't it? Especially Chocolate containing Pop'rs!

wy-not said...

Okay, I gotta tell you. The "eewwww" factor here was way too high. Did you forget that your mama reads your blog? :-)

Betty said...

LOL! I did this a while back but they were by far not as interesting and funny as yours. I´ll have to try the "Betty wants" too and blog about it.

Ronda's Rants said...

Your Mom cracks me up!!! Too funny!!!

Claremont First Ward said...

Hilarious. I'm scared to see what I need.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda,
I'm another Rhonda in Seattle WA, and I was about to do this meme...and of course searching for "Rhonda needs" took me right to your blog.

So apparently I also need to meet other Rhondas.

Nice to meet you!
Rhonda said...