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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Things aren't rolling quite right these days...

Does your husband read your blog? Mine does. He gets up in the morning, grabs his coffee and heads to the computer to see what's going on in our lives these days.

I lie.

My husband doesn't drink coffee. Nor does he read my blog. Willingly.

I make him sit beside me while I READ TO HIM from my latest blog entry, lest he misses a vital word, meaning he would also miss the point of the whole entry!!! I foolishly read to him from my post last week on the random stupid thing about myself. You'll remember, it was about the way I like things to roll.

Since then, I have had to change the toilet paper SEVERAL TIMES PER DAY! In three different bathrooms. While he chuckles. It makes me hope that he'll snore that night so that I can plug his nose and listen to him choke on his tongue. (If you have never done that to your snoring husband, I highly recommend it!!)

But then today he packed up my kids to take them camping for three days.

So all is forgiven.

My husband ROCKS! (and rolls - toilet paper rolls, that is!)


Ronda's Rants said...

My husband actually does read my blog...he especailly liked it while he was away working...I had music on the blog...he is the only one who has complained that it's missing. Enjoy your time!

Ronda's Rants said...

PS. I told him to comment about it and I would take it under advicement!

Candid Carrie said...

Oh wow, my husband doesn't read my blog WILLINGLY either. He hates to read. I have to read it to him. He has no problem reading the sports section. I have a problem watching him reading the sports section.

He just came back after four days of watching big races with my dad. They golfed, go-carted, bowled, swam, and watched races at night. And he called me every three hours to see what I was doing.

I love him dearly but I felt like he was spying. So I did sneaky stuff that I knew he wouldn't like ... I ate potato chips in bed, had ice cream for breakfast. When the toilet paper roll was emptied I just set a new roll on the counter NEXT to the toilet.

Yeah, that was my idea of a great vacation for me. Have a wonderful time. Don't clean and eat what you want when you want!

Rhonda said...

Eating what I want when I want is never a problem for me! lol And, actually, the first thing I plan on doing is cleaning! I so rarely have a clean house.
Clearly I have no life. The fact that I'm taking a day off work tomorrow to go and join them at the lake for the day confirms that.