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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Such good intentions....

Okay, so I had good intentions to use some of my free time tonight to consider my list of 25 and hopefully get them on here.  It turns out by the time I got my stuff done, I was just sitting down at the computer and got a message from my family, who went camping this morning.  Asia tried to start a camp fire, with fuel, and it exploded in her face.  They ended up at the hospital in the town close by, and she got a needle in the butt and couple of tylenol 3's, polysporin and bandages.  Her eyebrows are almost gone, her eyelashes are next to nothing, her nose hairs are singed, as are her bangs.  She has a couple of open blisters on her chin, and her neck and chest are covered in polysporin and burn cloths.  And they're home.

So, my list will have to wait until tomorrow.  We're heading out for the day tomorrow to the lake and we'll see how her burns are then.

Have a great Wednesday!


Ronda's Rants said...

I am so sorry...I hope she will be okay and that she won't be in pain...let her know I will thinking and praying for her. God Bless.

Mamahut said...

Poor girl. I did that trying to light a propane stove one time. The no eye lashes was the worst. They take forever to come back. Hope she heals fast, she will be in my thoughts today.

Chris M. said...

That stinks. My friend burned himself the other day, so I know it can't feel that great.

Weather Moose

O' CanaDad said...


wy-not said...

I'm worried about my girl, back out there at that dirty old lake. Please tell your mama that my grandbaby will be okay! And when you see Sparky again, give her a hug for me!

wy-not said...
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wy-not said...

One more thing. You're closing in fast on 1000 visitors. I think you should offer a prize. Like a free ceramic frog, or maybe a plastic flower basket, or maybe an adjustable mood ring, to your 1000th visitor. It could be MEEE!