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Monday, September 01, 2008

Pay It Forward Ordeal

Okay, I know I talked about getting a cuss-o-meter for this one, and I may regret not doing so, but bear with me.  Let me tell you what happened.

First, I went on line Thursday night to order some books for my Pay It Forward recipients.  I truly LOVE to read, so, naturally, I believe everyone else should too.  

I found books that I either want to read myself, or have already read.  I placed separate orders so I could have these books billed to me, and sent out to my winners.

I double and triple-checked that the billing addresses and shipping addresses were correct.  I went to the final screen to pay and saw Paypal as an option.  So, I went in there, because, WOW it's just so handy!  One click and I'm done.  

On the paypal receipt screen I noticed it had me for the shipping address.  I wasn't sure what to make of this, but hoped that that was just paypal confirming my address.  I really didn't see how paypal could change what I typed in on my order, but, just in case, decided to email the company immediately to make sure that they had the correct shipping addresses.


Paypal also has my family email address, which is different from my blog email address that I gave to the company.  So suddenly I see a company email in my family inbox.  How did they get that?  Hmmmm.

They are confirming the addresses where these books are being sent.  TO ME!!!  So, again, I sent an email back, stating which book was supposed to go where, along with book order number and shipping order number.  I'm just that good.

Automated reply.  Oh, great.  A real person will contact me soon?  Even better.

The next morning, I see the company has sent another email saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, but your order is too far along in the shipping process to change it now."


Oh, you should have seen the sparks that were flying out of my computer at my reply.  They haven't responded to that one yet, quite possibly because their computer exploded.  Have you seen Harry Potter when Ron got the screamer from his mother over the car fiasco, and it yells and screaches and then goes up in a blaze of glory?  Yes.  That was what their computer did when my email reply was finished with them.  I'm certain of it.

Oh, and then I sent another one, because I thought of more fun names to call them.

And then I sent another, just because.

THEN, I get an email on Friday from "the company".  It says we sent your book order on Thursday and we are just confirming the shipping address.  WTF???  WHY would you confirm that address AFTER you send the book?  Are you an IDIOT??

So, I replied again.   My response was (close your eyes if you need to):  Who the f*ck is THAT? I have never heard of this person you sent the book to, nor have I ever heard of that address.  I wanted one book to go to Ronda in Florida, and the other to go to Melissa in North Carolina. And you seemed to get BOTH orders wrong! Who the hell is Anne Herzberg from Texas????  

Yes, people.  That is who will be receiving the "Same Kind Of Different As Me" book that was supposed to go to Melissa.  You don't feel like relocating VERY QUICKLY, do you Mel??? Please?  It would save me a whole whack of trouble.

I made sure to tell them how anxious I was to return any shipments that end up coming to me, getting a full refund (regardless of whether our new friend Anne in Texas finds in her conscience to return her gift from this kind stranger) and NEVER to do business with them again.  

I think I called them something again at that point, but I'll just let you people all believe that I'm "Nice Rhonda from Canada".  Or perhaps that the Duracells in my computer were beginning to fade, and that I had to pee really bad, but my sled was snowed in and I couldn't get to the "water hole" and that the roof of my igloo fell on my head mid order and I really DID send a book to Anne in Texas.  

Whatever you need to believe about me is just fine.  Really.

Thank you for listening to my tirade.  I feel better now.  Except I have to write my Dear John letter to the company now.

Dear Bad Company That I Don't Want To Advertise For:

I'm very sad, BWB.  I thought we were at the beginning a beautiful relationship.  I really thought you were the perfect match for me, what with your separate billing and shipping options and all.

I quite liked your carbon free somethingorother shipping plan as well.  I think that was your way of saying you were trying to be kind to the environment, although why you didn't just say so is beyond me.

I liked that you seemed quite "well read" and that, from the looks of it, we probably wouldn't have run out of things to talk about.

But, alas, while I should have been quite pleased that you were opting to send your gifts to me instead of the other women, that is just not the case.  

I also don't like that you got your load off so fast, BWB.  While I do appreciate how intent you were about getting the job done, I know you lied to me.  Why would you fake it?  You do realize that you were only hurting yourself in doing so?

Well, you've lost me, BWB.  I'm through with you.


Claremont First Ward said...

Oh NO! What a hassle......

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love customer service like that.

Melissa said...

That just sucks!! I hate when something like that happens. I had a mishap with a shipment not so very long ago and it almost drove me insane. I would need more than a cuss-o-meter to repeat what I said to those people on the phone!!

Ronda's Rants said...

You crack me up!
I am sorry you got upset about this...Please don't worry...we love you even if you have a potty mouth...maybe more because you do!

Betty said...

LOL! You are hilarious even when you´re mad...
Sorry about the hassles, but at least you had something to blog about, right?

Momma said...

I am so glad to see that I am not the only one who has had this kind of net order meltdown. I am pretty sure you could have squeezed in a few more curse words if you really tried though, lol.

wy-not said...

Bad BWB! Bad, bad BWB! Resolve: WHEREAS I love to read, and WHEREAS I love to buy books, and WHEREAS the convenient charge card option makes it so easy to overspend on books online, and WHEREAS I love getting books in the mail, I shall nonetheless eschew and scorn and bypass BWB in my future purchase of books. Thanks to you. Good work!