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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Christmas Letter

Because I can't find the damned cards that I know I bought last year, I've thrown together a letter to go out in it's place. I've even done up a word search with some words from our past year, but sadly can't get that to load on my blog, but for some fun ,try this link to the word search. Keep in mind, of course, that this letter is printed on beautiful Christmas paper that I chose with great care... from the cheap rack.
That said, for those who think they might receive a letter from me this year, you may or may not want to read this now. Truthfully I'm scaling back on my Christmas greetings for local peeps this year.
December 14, 2010

I hope this letter finds you all healthy and happy! Personally, I’m digging a little deeper this year to find some joy. It’s been a rough one for us, but this letter is going to positively reflect our year, even if I have to B.S you a little bit!

Leon is still enjoying his career as a fire fighter and landed the July page in the 2010 Edmonton Fire Fighter Calendar! I highly recommend you check out his video on you tube – with the volume up for extra chuckles from my mom’s hooting! Leon has also taken up hunting, much to the disappointment of the doe currently residing in my freezer.

Sadly, Leon lost an aunt and uncle this past fall, which was closely followed by his Dad having a heart attack while in Winnipeg for one of the funerals. He is home now and doing well! His parents celebrated their 80th birthdays with a big move out of the long-time family home and into a beautiful senior’s condominium.

Asia is 16 and in grade 11 this year. She is still cheerleading, although she feels it may be her last year at it. She has been fortunate with the travel opportunities in the last few years with trips to California, Florida, Seattle x2 and will be off to Hawaii in April.

On the down side, she has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) which is causing struggles and tension both at school and at home. She lived with a friend for a few months through the spring and summer, but is home again (home again, jiggity jig). We are hopeful that she will be back on track very soon!

Cassie is in grade 8 and will be 14 in January. She is studying hard for her learner’s license and has been warned that she will be learning to drive in her Dad’s truck, with her Dad’s guidance. This mama is just not cut out for that kind of pressure, nor is my car. She is doing well in school and is very proud of her grades. She is striving for honours next term, and for a chuckle in that regard, check out my blog at She is playing indoor soccer again and loves it. She is a very happy girl with only occasional hormonal meltdowns and I am incredibly thankful for that.

Liv will be 7 on Boxing Day and is in grade 2. Her reading skills are exceptional, especially considering she was only agreeable to learning her letters last year, far behind everyone else in her class. She has some ADHD testing in her near future, because I don’t know the difference between ADHD and being busy and a bit of a brat. She is also playing soccer and has gotten quite good at it. Having her birthday so late in the year means that she plays with kids who are older and bigger and she has learned quickly that she’s going to need to be quick and a little bit aggressive, much to her mama’s delight. She tried out recreational cheerleading this fall, but we quickly discovered that it is just not the sport for her. Overall, she is spoiled rotten and treats us all to many crazy tantrums. I often tell her that she is lucky she’s so cute, even with no front teeth.

Let’s not forget Ringo. He is still a great big goofball. He is incredibly neglected, but somehow continues to love us anyway!

And me? I’m working full time and have been since August 2009. I work at one of our hospitals with a wonderful group of pharmacists. I have scaled back with my photography as it just got to be too much on top of a full time job and running around with the kids. I am still playing soccer and totally love it! Work and soccer keep me sane.

I am stubbornly trying to convince my body that it can achieve a size six again on nothing other than chocolate, cookies and potato chips, but so far it isn’t working. Fear not, I am persistent and refuse to give up my research. Go ahead and laugh, but you just wait. My discovery will make me rich one day, and then won’t you feel silly.

So that is where 2010 has brought us – and I only had to lie a little bit…

Merry Christmas to you all and all the best in 2011!

Love, Rhonda, Leon, Asia, Cassie, Liv and Ringo


June Freaking Cleaver said...

What a lovely letter - you managed to keep it upbeat, even during the parts that were anything but happy.

May your Christmas be wonderful, and may Christmas spirit be plentiful this holiday season.

And when you figure out this food thing, let me know - I wanna get in on the ground floor.

Sheila said...

Very cute letter! (Don't worry I would have to add a few lies in mine too!)
Good luck on your 16 year old daughter - I have the 16 year old I feel part of your pain! :(
And I can't WAIT for you to figure out the eating chocolate/playing soccer deal! Sounds awesome!! I will be your #1 fan!!

wy-not said...

I love your letter. And I want a paper copy for my newsletter binder. Please. (And btw, that's not ME hooting on the video. It's - umm - well - I think it was the big-mouthed broad sitting in the chairs in front of us. Yeah, that's who it was. I'm pretty sure.)

Christie said...

I liked your letter! Especially Leon's dance and your mom's laughing. Cheered me up enough to face the weather today. Wishing you the best Christmas and an even better 2011.


Betty said...

Love your letter!
I wish you a blessed Christmas season and a better year for 2011!!

lisleman said...

interesting word puzzle site and the video was great.
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Ronda! I hope the new year brings more joy to your heart and more peace to your mind. Love ya, Kristina

carma said...

well that's a great letter. Some downs, but lots of ups - and I love that you got the best paper you could find on the cheap rack. I'd have done the same :D

Anonymous said...

You are so clever and this is soooo much interesting then "normal" letters - mine included - which becuase of this post I just slapped up on my blog! I am very jealous of how you went about this!! Way to go - you rock!

Lilly said...

Now that is a letter I would not mind getting in the mail. Honest, lovely, funny with enough of th erough stuff in so we can all identify with it. Quit blogging and get to work on that research about how I can be a Size 6 from eating chocolate, chips etc. I am desperate!