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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mommy Blogger?

Am I the only person who hates the term "Mommy Blogger"?

Beware of the all-powerful Mommy Blogger community.

Mommy Bloggers unite!

Give me a break!

Please, for the love of all the is good in the world, tell me we haven't come to accept and empower a term like that.

We are not all mommies.

And really, we're not all women!

There are some great male bloggers out there. Let us not forget them, lest they will have to tuck it between their legs at the next BlogHer conference.

Am I a mommy? Yes.

Do I post pictures of my kids? Why yes. Yes I do.

Do I sometimes tell stories about my kids and the horrible job I'm doing parenting them? Yup. You got me on that too.

Do I want that to define me? Hell to the no, people!

Do I sometimes talk about my husband? Yes.

Do I talk about friends or what I did on the weekend? Yup.

Do I sometimes talk about my life before kids and husbands? Yes.

Did I have to create a separate blog so I could speak freely about those times? Yup. But that isn't the point here, is it??? Yikes!

Do I talk about work? Never. But that is my personal choice.

Did I attend a blog conference that was attended by only women? Yes.

I have been trying so hard in these past few years to figure out who I am besides a wife and a mother.

I play soccer. I go for drinks with friends. I drive kids around. I work. I read. I sing badly. I am two sizes bigger than I would like to be. I drive a minivan, but don't judge me. I like to play bingo. I like to go to movies. I love chinese food. I drink my coffee from Tim Horton's with 1/2 hot chocolate and a shot of hazlenut. I have the legs of a ninety year old woman. I'm a cheapskate who buys her clothes at Walmart. I like mowing the lawn but will run over the dog poop instead of picking it up, but don't tell my husband. I love music. Almost all genres. I like to go to the lake, but not for very long. I love my husband and my kids.

I am so much more than a "Mommy Blogger".

And I like it that way.


KK said...

I like you this way too.

mamapoekie said...

Why is it only so in the blogging community? Why isn't there such a thing as a mommy politician, or a mommy store clerk category?
Anyhow, stopping by from SITS, happy blogging

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I totally understand the desire not to be pigeonholed into that category.

Where's the wife/mother/evil stepmother/grandmother/unemployed bum/big ole goof blog community?

Can I be their leader?

Oh yeah, here I am, by myself - I guess I am the de facto fearless leader of my own blog community.

I fear all this power may go to my head.

wy-not said...

Hahahaha. What a great way to start my day. Rhonda, you forgot to mention that you are also a beloved only-daughter with three brothers! And June Freakin' Cleaver, can I be your minion in your blog community. I like leaders like you! And hey, Rhonda, what's this about another blog? Have I not seen this? Is there a reason why I haven't seen this. Hmmm. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Rhonda!!! You better not be holding out on me on another blog!!! You are an important part of my day! So much so, that your stories, no matter how bad you think they are, sometimes get me through the day! Don't hold out on me, girl, or your name will be MUDD! Love ya, Kristina

Betty said...

You tell ´em girl!! Totally agree!

WhisperingWriter said...

Yes, the word Mommy Blogger does make me cringe. I prefer to say Mom Blogger but I always add that I'm much more than that. I don't always write about my kids because I get that strangers don't give a hoot what they do every second of the day.

Stopping by from SITS.

The Double Dipped Life said...

Isn't it interesting that the "world" sees the term "Mommy" as derogatory, and yet labels all bloggers as such? Shame on them! We are woman- hear us roar!!! (okay, a little over the top...sorry...)