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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

500th Post and a Giveaway!

I feel like the most fortunate gal on the planet right now.

Well, second to Angelina Jolie.

Of all days for me to celebrate my 500th post, it is the one that follows my 499th post.

Truly amazing, isn't it?

Really, though, I felt so connected to my blog community yesterday. All the support and cyber hugs .... I felt them all.

The people who commented via my facebook link also totally rocked my world.

So this, my 500th post, is dedicated to you. My blog friends.

You guys make this fun.

You make me want to keep going.

You let me pout and whine and get mad.

You just shake your heads and don't judge me when I share some of the stupid things I have done.

You laugh and hurrah my open letters and have my back when I get in trouble for them.

And most importantly, you made me not follow through with my move when I threatened it. By wanting to come with me.

I have worked hard on this blog. And I've enjoyed meeting all of you. And I won't let the lurkers spoil it for me by moving and possibly never finding you again.

So, my friends, I thank you for coming by to read whatever my wee little brain puts together.

I thank you for the hugs and the laughter.

And I would like to reward a couple of my peeps with a gift.

Just a small gift. A token of my appreciation.

I will be sending out Starbucks cards to a couple of you. I'm not sure yet how many. But I'm pretty confident that however many there are, they will be small.

All I ask of you in return is that you visit each other.

Leave a comment with a link back to your favorite post from your own blog, then visit at least one other commenter's link and let him/her know that I sent you.

Because I adore you all, and it would make my heart happy to see you get a chance to meet each other.

That's all. I'm pretty easy, wouldn't you say?

Don't answer that if you were at that party back in '88, okay?

Moving on....

Ready ..... Set ...... GO!


KK said...

You. Are. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I was at a party in '88 and '89 and so on.Don't worry... Your secret is safe with me!!!:}

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

congrats on your 500th post! :)

wy-not said...

Five Hundred Already. Wow. Funny how a blog can be life-changing and so uplifting. You rock my world every time I come and find a new post here. But no SB card for me, because you're stuck with me. And it's my birthday, so you're buying me something anyway, right? :-)

Brodie said...

Thanks for posting your giveaway on my blog- love starbucks!
My blog is stop by if you have a chance~

Kim said...

Congratulations on your 500th post! I wish I could say I was here from the beginning, so I could fully bask in your reflected glory!

I don't have a favorite post from my blog - nobody likes the stuff I do!

No card for me, thank you. But if they have a Coke Zero gift card, I'd jump on that right away!

Here's to the next 500!

Betty W said...

We don´t have starbucks here, but if my comment wins, just pick another person. That´s fine. Congratulations on your 500 posts!! that´s awesome, and I´m glad you stayed and didn´t let some lurker make you do something you´d regret.
My favorite post? Don´t really have one, but I´d welcome any new visitor.

Katie said...

wow! 500 posts - good job!
Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment about the "vajazzling" - your comment made me laugh out loud!

Unknown said...

500 posts is a fantastic achievement--good for you! And I do love your disclaimer at the top of the page :)

Kim said...

500 posts...WOW! I'm here from SITS and I'm glad I found you. I'm going to share a post with you that is recent and will also offer you a discount. :)

I'm going to visit these other wonderful blogs too and can't wait.


cait said...

What a neat idea! I'm so here is my latest post! :)

Congrats on 500 posts! Now off to connect with some other bloggers.

Lilly said...

500 posts is VERY IMPRESSIVE! Congrats to you Rhonda. I have enjoyed your blog and while I have been away a while I always manage to catch up on your posts. I like your style girl!

Claremont First Ward said...

500 posts?


I feel honored to have read MANY, MANY of them.

One of my favorite posts is poignant.