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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Whose Shoes Would I Choose?

While walking around the hospital today in a bit of a funk, I noticed a mother pushing her shiny-headed, IV-toting, teddy bear-snuggling child down the corridor in a wheelchair. I realized that while my shoes hurt right now, I wouldn't want to be in hers.

Nor would I want the burden of my dear friend's shoes right now.

My 15 year old? Nope. I don't want that ordeal either.

So that led me to realize that as much as they hurt, and as tired as I am of wearing these shoes, and as petty as my own shoe troubles are, other's ARE definitely worse for wear, but it doesn't make wearing these shoes any easier to put on every morning.

But, then, whose shoes WOULD I choose?

The person, and I feel I must add that this is a real person in my life, whose shoes I would choose is my age, but she isn't me.

She is smart and confident and successful in her career.

She knows the direction she is going and is well on her way.

She is natural and very likely doesn't swear at her hair for 30 minutes every morning, just to throw it back into a frigging pony tail.

She is outgoing and energetic and easily fits a size 8.

She has friends and time to enjoy them.

She is financially chuckling just a little bit.

She is happy.

But then, perhaps if I wore her shoes around for a little while, I'd find them, too, uncomfortable. Just because she doesn't wear her problems on her sleeve for all to see, doesn't mean she doesn't have them, right?

I guess my shoes are okay. They're broken in pretty good. And the devil you know is usually better than the devil you don't, right?


Sidenote: My shoes just came down and bitched me out pretty good. Maybe the devil I don't know IS a better option.


KK said...

It wouldn't change my problems, but it might change my attitude to go shoe shopping! I've worked to hard to be me, I don't want to trade with anyone else.

Mama Kat said...

I just want other people's money...I'll keep my issues, just give me the money.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I think it is a nice fantasy to try on another's shoes, or to put on their size 8 clothes in a dressing room, just to see how they look...but that we would prefer to go back to our own clothes, as they are familiar, and probably fit us better.

I think you can be assured that your life is pretty normal until complete strangers walk up to you while your "shoes" are bitching, and they say, "Better YOU than ME".

I get that all the time. It's good that my thoughts can't be heard aloud at moments like that.

Betty said...

I agree with mama kat, with more money you/I could buy the shoes I would want and it´s pretty much all I need right now.... :=)

wy-not said...

An interesting analogy. Shoe styles change over time, and eventually your shoes fit you better than they ever did. I guess that's about the time that you realize you're pretty proud of your shoes after all. Or something like that. I love you. Remember that, okay?

Ronda's Rants said...

I love this post Rhonda..and as usual you are right! I would choose my shoes...even when my feet hurt because another's may hurt more in less visible places!