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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wax On. Wax Off. Wax Scaring The Freaking Shit Out Of Us!!

On Saturday night after my new friends had gone to spend their casino slot credits, I carried on and did some more wandering.

I ended up taking some pictures for people, surprise surprise, and found myself at Madame Somethingorother's Wax Museum and Haunted House!!

Oh. My. God. Was it ever a hoot.

When it comes to talking to random strangers in line ups and elevators, I ROCK! I was grouped with four people to go through the haunted house. It is almost pitch black and all you are going through with is a glow stick.

They even suggest you empty your bladder BEFORE you go in. Now what does that tell you?

So the five of us walked into this dark, dark room, in a single file line. Before I knew what was going on, we were in more of a group huddle/hug situation.

Suddenly, being on the far left, I looked beside me and wouldn't you know it, some of these wax figures are REAL PEOPLE!! This little dude had his scary made up face, like, an inch from mine.

And he kept coming at me.

Well, I screamed like a little girl and threw myself backwards, my sunglasses flew off my head, thankfully into the hands of the lady behind me, and I darned near took out my team!

From there on, I had this young girl's fingers DIGGING into my shoulders to the point where I'm not really sure if the bruises on my shoulders are from the roller coaster or HER! But she was a screamer, and there is nothing like a MEGASCREAMER when you are in a haunted house!

We had one guy in our group, but to be honest, he was more of a chicken than we were! So I took the bull by the horns and led the group through, trying to be pro-active by taking bets on which of these figures was real and would jump at us or sneak up behind us. I figured, hey, I'm in Vegas and not winning anything on the slot machines, so I've got to try to win somewhere!

They didn't bite.

They did, however, entertain the hell out of me! That young gal screaming, and the guy trying to be all brave.

There was one point where I was heading to the exit with my entourage and he decided to look around the corner, where just seconds before I saw someone moving.

He stuck his face right in there and suddenly is running backwards squealing!!

Made. My. Night.

When we finally got to the exit (which was supposed to take us around 30 minutes but took us 10, probably due to the all-out sprint through some of the rooms while we were being chased!) the young girl literally launched herself out the door ahead of us and landed on her ass in the gift shop!

If you are going to Vegas in the next few weeks, I highly recommend this! It turns into the haunted house only after dark and is extra special/scary for Halloween!


Trish said...

oh girl I am cracking up. I am picturing this entire event unfolding in my should see the picture...oh, well...nevermind!

I love watching scary movies but the live haunted house things...nuh uh!

I once went to a haunted forest in high school and I swore up and down if I could just make it out with out that chain saw guys cutting me off at the kness I would never go to another one....

{{note to self}}...15 years later...I have not gone back on my word

Betty W said...

I could NEVER go in there! I absolutely HATE being scared and just reading this was enough to know...... not me! :)
But I´m glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great place to go!!!

wy-not said...

I'd have paid money to watch that innocent young lady go flying into the store on her butt. That's funny stuff. I can just imagine how your girls would have loved (hated!) it! Happy Birthday, sweet cheeks. Mama loves you so!

the treat girl said...

Yikes!!! There is NO.WAY you'd catch me in there!!!!

Stacey said...

I've never been over-excited about the idea of going to Vegas, but I'd go just to go there! Even more if I could see my husband cry like a girl.

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