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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mouse Tails Monday

I can't decide what to tell you.

The one where I got the mop bucket out from the back entrance and dumped out the dirty water only to have one drowned, hairy mouse fall into my sink?

Nah. Too short.

The one where we had several traps set up in our old bungalow only to find that one of them went missing? Leon foolishly thought I may have moved it. HAHAHAHA! Nope. It was found two days later across the room, under the bed in the corner with a live mouse in it trying to chew it's leg off.

Hmmm. No. Not that one either. WAY too sad and graphic.

How about the one in our current bungalow maybe? I may have told it before, but can't remember.

We had a few bunnies in a hutch outside our back door. We noticed a couple of mice going from underneath our deck over to the bunny hutch. I was worried that the mice would start coming inside the house as it started getting colder, so went armed with a shovel and my two young witnesses and started digging.

At one point, a mouse came FLYING out from under the hutch. Scared the hell out of us!! Too funny!

Eventually I came across a very hard lump of hay and bunny fur.

Their nest.

So I shovelled a little deeper with the tip of the spade and pulled off the top of their nest.

And found brand spankin' new baby mice. As you know, I've seen my share of baby mice, and these were F*R*E*S*H!!

So, let's back track to when I first uncovered these wee babes.

With my two oldest daughters watching as I unveiled babies, instinct took over and I beat the hell out of them with my shovel.

After about five or so whallops, I stopped, shovel over my head bracing for another bash, and looked over at my stricken daughters.

And I realized this may not be the best lesson in humanity that I could ever teach them.

So I calmly asked them to run and get the garbage can, which had a bag in it. And I ever so carefully scooped them up and put them in the garbage bag, and then tied it up.

Better, no?

Amazingly, the little mouse parents never came back.

And the bunnies left soon thereafter too. If you've got time, you may want to read my bunny porn story, just for kicks. (When I pulled up this post to link it, I discovered it is the story I used as my farewell to blogging back when I needed to take a break. I can't believe I actually thought I could STOP!!! lol)


Betty said...

LOL! I think mice follow you wherever you go! I´ve never had so many mice "story's" happen to me!
I bet the girls are still having nightmares from seeing their mom squashing little baby mice! :)

Ronda's Rants said...

I probably need to take a break form blogging until I get my "happy" back!
Thanks for the nice email!