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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I Am So Thankful....

....For the random people that stop by and remind me of past posts.

When I had my vent session about my daughter this week, an anonymous person commented about a past post. It absolutely MADE MY DAY!! Check it out!

Anonymous said...
I just want to reassure you that you and your family are sooooo normal. I have a 14 year old daughter and am dealing with the SAME things! I am trying to hang in there just like you, but sometimes a "come to momma" moment (This is more powerful than a "come to Jesus" moment)is needed just to remind her that I AM the boss and if I say "NO" I mean "NO" and what I say is how. it. will. be. period...!!! Whew! I will keep thinking about you and praying that you don't send your precious off to boot camp any time soon and that she will someday SOON realize how to respect, love, and see how hard you work for the things you can provide for her. One day at a time, momma. One day at a time. P.S. I have your letter you wrote to Asia several months ago hanging on my fridge at home (I LOVED it!) and once in a while I have to call my Shelby, Asia, to get her to realize what she is doing! Too, funny! Love ya, Kristina

I had forgotten that letter, like so many posts before it. And I was so curious about it that I immediately went and searched for it so I could read it again.

Here it is:

My Dear Asia,

First and foremost, let me tell you how proud I am of you. You surround yourself with crazy, freaky people doing crazy, freaky things, and yet, you do none of it yourself. Your mouth goes before your brain most times, but you do stop and think before you act, which keeps you on the straight and narrow.

That said, I do now feel the need to explain a few things to you. Listen closely:

1. Contrary to what you and your friends believe, your mama ain’t dumb. (Don’t worry though. I was way smarter than your Gramma, and many others, back then too, so it would appear you’re perfectly normal.) I’ve walked a day or two in your shoes, albeit in a different generation. Some things are harder for you, but others are just the same. For example:

a. Junior high girls are bitches. (True to this day!!)

b. Keep your nose out of OPB! (“Other People’s Business.” We had our own cool acronyms in our day, too, you know!)

c. Don’t let your thong panties show above the waistband of your pants. (Oh no, wait. That one is specific to your generation!)

2. As much as you try to blame me for it, I am not responsible for scheduling badminton, baseball, soccer and cheerleading all on the same nights. Although, perhaps I should have warned you that life’s difficult decisions would begin at some point, rest assured that as long as we both come to the same conclusion in regard to prioritizing your life, all will be good in our world.

3. Talking (yelling) about how grown up you are and then rolling your eyes, stomping your feet and slamming doors is a total contradiction. You should stop that.

4. You really need to watch what you are eating, without becoming a walking eating disorder statistic, that is. I don’t want you to have my issues later in your own life. And issues like mine are happening to people younger and younger these days. Just be careful, that’s all. And for the love of all that is Holy, don’t eat nachos and cheese, with a side of white toast, waffles and chocolate before bed. That might be a good place to start a change of habit.

Okay, I’m done now. Have a great day at school. And yes, I’ll email all your coaches and let them know when they will be graced with your presence. And yes, I’ll pick up your grad dress after school. And yes, I’ve confirmed with Devyn when and where I will be picking him up. And yes, I will pick up Friday the 13th for you and your friends tonight. And yes, I will pick up some snacks.

Thank you for allowing me to do all this for you. It is a privilege, you can be sure.

Love Mom


So thank you, Kristina, for reminding me. I think that I, too, will print it and stick it to MY fridge.

I wonder how long that would last....?


That Janie Girl said...

Confirmation is good. And I thing your poster is absolutely correct! Hang in there.

Betty W said...

How long ago was this letter? Maybe you´re almost through "the teenage years" and it can only get better....
Here's to hoping!

Claremont First Ward said...

I have sooooooooo much to learn. :)

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, we mommas with teenage daughters have to stick together don't we? You're most welcome. You made my day, too. Love ya, Kristina

Aunt Julie said...

Wow! I have 4 boys, and always wondered if I could do the girl thing...But I got a call today from the principal who said my son intentionally tripped a boy at lunch today (they were going for the same ball) and unintentionally broke the other boy's collar bone! He has detention for the rest of the month! And his pants hang kinda low too, but I have to take in sixe 16 slim jeans. God help us all!