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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Words We Long To Hear

We went shopping for some back to school clothes, toiletries and a small amount of groceries last night.

It came to almost $500.

When the hell did THAT happen??

You used to be able to go to Walmart, fill a cart full of booty, baubles and bling and hardly bat an eye.

Now you need to re-mortgage your house.

I am thankful that the girls were with us. We were doing the self check out option, so it was more of a group effort than just having the cashier do it.

They were watching as things were getting scanned in and they were watching as the amount owing went up. Up. UP!

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a nudge from one to the other.

I turned and asked what that was for.

Cassie, my sensitive one, responds "Nothing, Mom".

Then she looked at the screen.

So I asked her if it was about the money.

And they both just nodded their heads solemnly.

And then they said thank you.

Let me repeat that, both for your benefit and mine.

They said thank you!

I tell you, if I didn't hate shopping so much, I would be certain to do it more often, just for those words!

But, alas, I do hate shopping. With a passion.

It makes me very irritable.

Some, like me, would say downright bitchy.

And we would be right.


KK said...

At least they realized what you bought them!

wy-not said...

They said 'thank you.' If you take nothing else from this whole pricey episode, I'm glad you took that one. That's priceless. Well, not really priceless. But it might be worth the $500 it did cost you.

Betty W said...

Shopping with teenage daughter´s makes me bitchy too. But shopping much fun! :)

Hold on to that thank you, and cherish it! :)

Claremont First Ward said...

Those are beautiful words indeed!

Lilly said...

I prefer shopping alone too.

But I am glad they noticed - told you you have lovely girls. And they thanked you, now that is something else. It is amazing $500 - scary times really.

Keep thinking of that moment when times get hard. Those thank yous are few and far between in those teenage years I recall.