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Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

People who aren't me who still love my kids rock.

They really do.

They must be saints.

Or else they're getting paid.

My new dayhome falls into the latter category. But I also think she falls into the first category.

She is so awesome.  She is soft-spoken. She is nice.  I think she even likes Olivia.

I have truly been fortunate with dayhomes for Olivia. 

We had Shirley for the first few years and I could not have been more comfortable leaving Olivia there. And I pride myself on NOT being "one of those moms" who natters and judges and demands completely irrational things. I like to think that I let her know how much I appreciated her and how wonderful she was at helping us raise Olivia, because I honestly believe that is what the good dayhomes do. 

Now that I am at work full time, Olivia, being in full day school and Leon working shift work, only needs occasional before and after school care. And her new dayhome provider is willing to accommodate us! I am so thankful for that! I am hoping that we will never lose her!  I have decided that there will be a minimum I will pay her every month (and yes, Lemoine, I realize that my money and your money together equal our money, and no matter how I word this, we know that your money pays for everything and my money pays for everything else, which in effect, gets the job done and uses up all of our money anyway...) so that she won't totally hate using a whole spot on us.  I also like to think that I am very generous at Christmas time.... With the babysitters anyway!! For everyone else, I'm a cheap bugger! lol

That said, I want to send huge thank yous out to all the GOOD babysitters out there! You really are treasures and we couldn't do it without you!


wy-not said...

Hell ya! I do NOT know how they do it. But I DO know that God has a special place in heaven reserved for these people. Oh yeah!

Betty W said...

That is exactly the work my daughter in Canada does. She has a pre school class and afterward she has "after school" care kids. They love her and I agree. Those babysitters rock! :)

kisatrtle said...

What a nice post!

Amy said...

How nice. I am glad you have a wonderful person to watch your child that is important.

Claremont First Ward said...

I've never heard the term dayhome provider, but I'm glad you have a fabulous one........and that you tell her and SHOW her, too. he he.

Anonymous said...

I am confuzzled! You have always told me that your money is your money and my money is your money!! Why are you trying to fool all your followers? Remember, honestly pays off in the long run!!