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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Asia's Room - Part Two

So, still not done, but getting closer.  The shelves are now hung and her door is up, but were not yet when I had taken these pictures.

We still have to do the blinds, valance and closet doors.  We will do window trim at some point. Later. Way later.  

She also came home to new school supplies, mostly in her flavor of the month, lime green!

To those of you who wanted to copy this design, I have some suggestions.
  1. If you are trying to funk up a room, don't do it while you are trying to prepare your home for ant extermination.
  2. If you are trying to funk up a room, don't do it while preparing yourself to start your first in many, many years, full time job.
  3. If you are trying to funk up a room, don't do it while you are trying to get out to the lake to join your family.
Because doing it that way sort of sucks.  And is very time consuming. Just FYI.  lol

Have a great hump day!


Controlling My Chaos said...

It looks great and super funky. Does she love it?

Julie said...


I knew you was going to make it look way cool!!!

We have been sharing our house with our daughter, son in law and three grandkids they are suppose to be moving out soon, I will get to redo my intire upstairs can't wait. I will blog the process.


Nina said...

Very cool! It is a lot of work doing up a room just right.
It is nice to see that my son isn't the only kid with a really small bedroom.

Sheila said...

I LOVE it - you did a FABULOUS job!!!! It's got GREAT character!!!

Betty W said...

It looks awesome, but what did Asia say? I hope she loved it.

the treat girl said...

Hi....My daughter and I re-did her room in ONE day!!!!!!!!!! My husband and boys were gone last weekend and we did it in a whirlwind......of course I was up until 4am....but that's how I operate...I can't let it go until it's finished!!!! Check my blog over the weekend for our funked out room :)

wy-not said...

Oh my girl. I am missing you. And for some reason, I'm feeling some trepidation about phoning. I'm thinking a girl who is too busy to blog or farm on facebook is prolly going out of her mind by now. Just want you to know I'm thinking about you. <3 <3 <3

Kelly said...

The room looks great! I would have loved a room like that when I was younger.

Eileen said...

Stopping by from SITS! That room is ADORABLE! What a great mom and designer!

y u l z said...

So very true ! Right now, my room looks like crap haha very untidy and its a combination of bedroom and school office ? oh dear . . . I really need to settle down, relax and do some clean up LoL

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest ~

Aunt Julie said...

What a great Mommy you are! And did you give her the POPrs you just won? BTW, Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Please vote for me in the Mommy Blogger of the Year Contest...pretty please?

The818 said...

Happy Satuday Sharefest!

The room looks great!

Here's my nursery progress - I feel your pain.

Unknown said...

I love what you did! It's great! Really different!

just stopping by to say hi from SITS; hope you'll do the same.

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Hi. Stopping by from SITS. That room is really cute.

Night Owl Mama said...

WOW how creative LUV IT!! great job

Stoppin in from the SITS to say Hello

Michelle said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!! It looks AMAZING!!!

AdriansCrazyLife said...

What a darling idea! I adore polka dots and I would love a room like this. Although I would probably do mine in black and white and red, 'cuz I'm all about the drama! I even did my finger nails in polka dots a couple of weeks ago and I got more compliments on that than any other thing I've done with them. I think your daughter is so lucky!

Your SITScation friend - Adrian

Bethany said...

Coming in WAY late, but I love it!!

Anonymous said...

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