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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Foto Fiesta!

Thanks so much to Dana, who edited these pictures for me.  Because I run a Mac, I can't get the program that can do a colour/B&W photo edit.  I love these so much!


cat said...

Gorg pictures adn beautiful couple! Over from Carrie's so now I am going to look at the rest of the blog to find out who the bride is.

Lilly said...

They are so beautiful Rhonda - congrats!

Betty said...

They are incredible! I love them too!

Susie said...

Those are amazing pictures!! I love the pop of color:-)

Alex the Girl said...

My daughter edits her pictures at Picnik or piknic I can't remember. Your pictures are beautiful, although the one with the guy lying on the ground makes me want to fuss him about leaving grass stains on his knees!

wy-not said...

I love that spot of colour. What do you mean, about not being able to do it on a Mac? There is a way, you just haven't found it yet. Macs are known for their graphic capacity - so I'm sure there is a way. It's worth finding out - this is so beautiful!

Aunt Julie said...

WOW! And who are these lovelies with the super high and fine cheekbones? Love the B&W/color combo!

Bill Lisleman said...

very nice pics
I agree with wy-not about the Mac. It's the machine known for graphics. Of course the high end photoshop (runs on everything) is both expensive and complicated.

I use photostudio on my mac for various edits and special effects. It came with a digital camera. Also, a shareware program called GraphicConverter is very good.

But if you have someone willing to do it - that's even easier.

Ronda's Rants said...

Rachel (My daughter) is very good at this too...
I keep thinking you know my whole family!

Rhonda said...

Actually, I did find one. Kathy (Mama's Losin It) uses picnik. You can do many, many things on there, but first off, it is very slow. And second, I don't know if I can pick up a bug from it, but it now keeps shutting my computer down, as does my gmail account. I'm probably among the first to ever get a possible virus in a mac. Nice. lol

Blog Stalker said...

What a great bunch of photos....but you hear that a lot don't you!

I love the b/w with splash of color.....classy