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Monday, May 04, 2009

Interview With A Five Year Old

I so wish I could insert Olivia's tone in here as she answered these questions!! Oh my, was it a hoot!

Who's the boss?  Mommy or Daddy?

Mom  (Mom, because I love you!)  

Why did Daddy marry Mommy?

Because they liked each other.

Why do mommy and daddy sleep in the same bed?

Oh, because they're husbands!

What are caterpillars afraid of?



Because they do caw caw caw! 

Tell me about Asia's boyfriend "The Boy".

Devyn likes Asia.  I like him.  I love him.  He throws me on the bed and it's fun and he carries me when I want up.

Who do you think he likes more? 

Me!!  And I love him best.

What does Daddy do for a job?

Oh, he works at a firefighter place.  He saves people. 

What do you think Daddy likes best about mommy?

He likes your hair.

What does mommy like best about daddy?

His radio.

Where do babies come from?

Girl's privates, after they grow at your house.

Do you like school?


Why not?

I don't like my teacher because she bees mean to me.  How do I feel when she bees mean to me? Sad.  That's how!

Do you listen to your teacher?  Or do you talk to your friends??

I listen to her.  (Bullsh!t!! cough cough. Ahem...)

How does mommy swim?  (Her question, not mine!! lol)

She swims like the back rows or front rows.

Will you have boobies one day?

puyijonjigukhiityluy7jklp  (I think she took the fifth on this one.)



amelia bedelia said...

She did a great job! Cute answers!!

wy-not said...

Oh that is hilarious! "She bees mean to me?" Where is that teacher? I keek she's ass!

MilesPerHour said...

Even without Olivia's tone this was a great read. Thanks for sharing it.

Alex the Girl said...

That was priceless. Love, love, love it.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh boobies too funny! Love the answers!

Jessica said...

That's so cute!

Betty said...

You have GOT to do a video of her some day! I would love to have heard her speak the answers to this. Hilarious!!
You like daddy´s radio best, huh?
I wonder where that came from.... :)

Lilly said...

Oh how cute, she is adorable you know. so whats with Daddy's radio Rhonda what gives there???? Love how The Boyfriend likes her best. She sounds like she has a healthy self esteem and I like that a whole lot!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

OMG, too cute!