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Monday, February 23, 2009

What's For Lunch?? And The Winner!

Okay, so I'm finally going to own up to the fact that I'm watching what I'm eating.   But only those who read my blog will know!! lol  See the perks of hanging with me?? (I say that specifically to the two followers who left at some point today!!)  You get in on my secrets!

I know I posted not long ago that I was okay with myself as I am now. And I basically am. However, acceptance and happiness, and shopping off the rack, are entirely different things.

And the reason I've been keeping it a secret? I HATE it when people know that you are trying to lose weight. They watch every move you make and just wait for you to fail. And the worst part is when people start sticking their noses in your lunch to see what your eating. All. The. Time. Sheesh! I don't do that to them!!

I'm down 17 pounds. My goal was to be down 20 pounds by the end of February. And I just might do it, if I have a really good week.  It would have been a sure thing, but last week was atrocious, and I found myself up a pound and a half. I'm not beating myself up over it, nor am I giving up, like I would normally do.  

Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.

So here's what is for lunch today:

We have whole wheat mini pita pockets with honey garlic chicken, cucumbers, grapes and a bottle of water.  For followers of weight watchers, that is a six point lunch.  Not too bad. 

Now, on to the winner of the camera strap:

I was going to post some funky video, like Kat has been. But, I'm impatient and can't wait for my kids to show me how to use the webcam.  So, you're just in for a lamo, incognito draw. I'm sure you all trust me, right??

Here we go:

With my five year old as my witness (and the name puller), the winner of the camera strap cover is Trials and Tribulations!!  Congratulations!  I'll connect you with Matt and Bradie, who will need the measurements of your camera strap and your address.  Thanks everyone for playing, and huge thank you's to Matt and Bradie for the prize!!


Amy said...

That lunch looks awesome for a diet. Seriously, I don't diet (much) but I'd sure love it :)

Congrats to the winner!

Anonymous said...

YEAHHHHHH me!! Thank you so much. I can't wait for my strap!!!

Michelle said...

Hey, you'll be happy to know that you didn't actually lose any followers today. It is blogger screwing with things again.

I hear you on the eating better thing. I got on the scale this morning and nearly had a heart attack. Pass the rabbit food!!!

Ronda's Rants said... go girl! That is just great and I am so happy for you...jealous...but happy! :)

Betty said...

Wow, wow, wow!! That is so great, I´m happy for you. And jealous! :)
I know what you mean about telling people you´re cutting down. I HATE that too. I´m trying to get my act together and to start another diet, but so far.... ;(
Anyway congrats on the weight loss!!

wy-not said...

Good on ya babe! Or good off ya! I get that "other people" thing. In fact, it's the reason why I weigh more than your average baby grand piano. Not going there, not anymore. Too old to care. But I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines withOUT checking out your lunch!!

Aunt Julie said...

Well...congrats to your winner, and congrats to you, too! 17 pounds...amazing!

Lilly said...

Congratulations Rhonda that is amazing. Good on you!!! I am trying too. That lunch looks perfect and I love the idea of the mini pockets.

As for followers I lost three as well but I think it's Blogger doing strange things. Personally I dont even look at the followers I used my blogroll and thats it. Forget about it because it's a numbers thing and not important.

Anway congrats again and its wonderful!

jill jill bo bill said...

I am so proud of you, you jerk. Just kidding. I am so bummed I haven't weighed again. But I can fit in a size smaller pant so all is good. But I am still hankering for a bag of popcorn and milk duds.

Ness said...

I understand why you don't want to say anything. It's the same reason I didn't say anything to anybody about losing weight until they noticed. That way, if I fell, nobody needed to know!! That lunch looks so yum!! Can you photograph your lunch every day? :-)

Alpacamountain said...

Can you hear me blowing raseberry's to T & T? Good! I wouldn't want you to think less of me.
I am so excited for you! Are you doing weight watchers all the time? I may have to try it. That's awesome girly!

Candid Carrie said...

I thought when I read you that you seemed thinner. Nice job losing weight. I found it. How wants it from me? I'd love to pass it on to someone else.