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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If Yesterday's Quiz Taught Me Anything, It's This.

I learned a great many things from your answers to my quiz yesterday.  

Actually, I only learned one thing. 

This is very clear to me, I need to share more.  I thought I was a chronic over-sharer, but apparently not.  Either that or you guys are just not paying attention and need to start reading my blog with a coffee and a box of chocolates and consider it the best-spent 10 minutes of your day. Naturally, the latter is the one I would recommend. Over-sharing hurts my pride and Leon's sensibilities.

  1. I am the youngest of three and a half kids.  This is correct. My mom had a boy when she was 16 and gave him up for adoption.  She found him around 25 years later and has kept in touch with him and we consider him one of the family.
  2. I once thought I could ride my bike up a square curb (this hurt, don't do it), had a serious bingo addiction (I would go up to three times a day, really), and got loaded babysitting (I'm taking the fifth on this one).
  3. I was engaged once before, and the final straw was when he cheated. The second time. (I'm not real swift.) And yes, the other answers were correct also, however they didn't finish me off. I caught him with drugs, he did steal from my brother and he did kill his dad. The dad thing was after the cheating, so I was already through with him, otherwise, yup, that woulda done it.
  4. My mom went out of town and my dad took me and my brothers to see Silent Scream. I was around 8, my brothers would have been 9 and 10.  That movie scared me so bad I threw up after every drive in movie I went to until into my late teens.  The movie that left such an impression I felt led to play it with my barbies was, however, Flesh Gordon. We were wondering what took my Dad so long to come back from the concession, but once we got the gist of the movie, figured that he was hanging back on purpose.  lol  Brenda never invited me over again. Shocking.
  5. My favorite sport is, of course, soccer. People, I GAVE you this one. It's on my side bar. I comment on soccer fairly regularly. I LOVE soccer. You guys just come over to look at the pictures, is that it?
  6. While I totally love that one of you thought I could get myself pregnant and the rest thought I could drink water standing on my head, I am totally disappointed that nobody saw me as the pole dancing type.  That leaves purring. Yes, I can purr. I mentioned this in my 25 things about myself just last week. I'm really starting to wonder what it is you guys do when you come here...
  7. I once had to move out of an apartment really quickly because my dumb-ass ex-fiance thought that you could house five mice together in one big aquarium type cage. And then I was dumb-ass enough to not know that mice could make themselves paper thin to get through the bars of a hamster cage.  There were three mothers and a million babies. And they disappeared while I was at school. It was an 18 floor high-rise that probably to this day has a mouse problem.  Teehee.
  8. I'm not near as good at this as Jill is.  True, people, true.  Did you read her quiz? It rocked!! But thank you all for that amazing vote of confidence.  I'm a little insulted though, that my own husband immediately went true on that one without even batting an eye. Jill, is there something I need to know about you and Leon/George?
  9. My dream job is, well, I haven't got a clue.  I would love the photography one naturally. And the Australian lie on the beach and blog for $250,000 would be awe-inspiring also. But really, I don't have a clue what I want to do with my life. How sad is that??
  10. My goal by summer is, in fact, to weigh less than my dog. That damned well better happen before summer, but I'll take what I can get. I know that one was saying that it was the wrong answer, but it was correct and you did get your 10 points for it.  Most of you did get this one right. One of you said that I wanted to be okay with my daughter's lesbian friend, and let's just settle this right now and say, this is abso-f*cking-lutely not the right answer. Although that is not the only reason I don't want my kid around her (she was already free and easy in grade 7!!!), I do admit to being a homophobic byotch. Yeah, you heard me right. 
I hope you all feel enlightened now and not so uncomfortable that you will avoid eye contact at all costs if you do happen to meet me one day.  You do still want to do coffee one day, right? 



Lilly said...

Oh I missed the bloody quiz!!!!! Wow that was interesting. I think you share lots. Hey good thing that you got rid of your ex by the sound of things. Somehow I probably wouldnt have got many of these answers right either. Are you share you told us about any of this stuff? Maybe I will have a try at this too. I have way too much to hide though!!! Oh an dI think its ok not to have a five year plan or whatever either. Thats what happens when you are busy!!

jill jill bo bill said...

That was hilarious! ANd I will definitely have coffee with you! I will drop by after I see Leon/George/Sweetcheeks. heh heh

Alpacamountain said...

I can't remember which ones I got wrong...but you are too funny.
You better go do sweet things for George/Leon, I think jjbb may have her eye on him.

Betty said...

Gladly I had no coffee in my mouth when reading the answer to NR. 10! hahahah I love your your honesty and how you say it like it is!

Thanks for the smile and the great quiz! Learned a lot about you!

amelia bedelia said...

rhonda loves soccer, rhonda loves soccer, rhonda loves soccer. Ok, I'm not ever forgetting that. I swear...don't hate me!

Aunt Julie said...

Fascinating stuff! And would ABSOLUTELY be interested in Book Mooch. Let me know what to do, and I'm THERE!

wy-not said...

Ah-ha! Anybody who wants to know more about the "got loaded while babysitting" comment, feel free to contact me. I remember every horrible moment of that little adventure. And yes, Rhonda, I will tell your friends. Mwaa-ha-ha-ha!!!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Well, I missed the quiz. That's me. Always a day late and a dollar short!

Wendy said...

You are absolutely hilarious! I always say i could write for a soap opera tales from my true life and it would rival days of our lives and passions, sounds like you would give me a run for my money on that one :)