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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Phriday Photo Phiesta!

I haven't told you many stories from our vacation. In fact, I'm starting to feel like I never left. To be honest that worries me a little, because the bills for it haven't yet started rolling in. I should, in all fairness, at least feel rested until then, shouldn't I? So to help me get back into vacation mode, I will share the story of our other excursion.

We chose to do the "ATV through the jungle" tour. We would head through the jungle (thus the name of the tour) and stop by two cenotes, one of which would include a delightful meal, the second was an open cenote and advertised a zip-line into the water, and don't forget the trip to a real Mayan village.

We jumped into the decrepit old van that picked us up at our useless hotel and flew down the highway at speeds the Apollo itself didn't even reach.  When we got to the hosts of this excursion, we discovered that it was only us. And our guide. 

Have I mentioned that George and I alone together are just a wee bit dull?

We thrive in a group.

Our inner crazy comes out.

We. Are. A. Riot!

But alone? Just me and George?  


So, after a brief lesson on using the ATVs we were off. 

Driving not through the jungle, but down the highway.

A straight highway.

There wasn't even a bend in the road.

No gravel.

Just a highway.

For about 20 minutes.

Suddenly we turn off the highway and head into the entrance of the first cenote. There, we are delighted to find trails and trees. 

It lasted about 20 seconds.

At the first cenote, they turned on the lights, and we walked down.

And just sat there.  Looking around.

I was just thinking, "Is this for real? Did we seriously just spend $150 USD on this?"

The poor guide. He asked if we wanted to swim.

Uh. Nope. Not really. 

So off we go to the second cenote. Back up 20 seconds of jungle trail.

And back to the highway.

We do end up going down another jungle path, but it's another short one.

At the next cenote that bragged about the zipline, we discover that there is no zipline.  The cable is there, but the T-bar is gone. So I commented that that was what I was looking forward to. (I'm a little scared of heights, so why this bothered me so much I'll ever know.)

So our poor guide says that another tour should be coming in and they will probably bring one.

Luckily they did and I volunteered George to try it out first to make sure it worked.

Aren't I sweet?

And then it was my turn.

George has just pointed out that when my arms are up like that, my boobs are miraculously back up where they should be.

Yup. I'm a loser. I did the zipline once, and not again thank you very much.  I spent the rest of the time trying to get up onto a surfboard. 

I didn't quite succeed.

And then off we went back to town to have the lunch we were promised. 

We sat there alone in a little hole in the wall restaurant. The guide and his bosses came and took the quads away.

And there we sat.

Certain that they weren't coming back for us. That we would have to make our way back to Playa del Carmen from this 'authentic Mayan village' all by ourselves.

But finally they came back for us and took us back to our crappy hotel.

Yeah, so that one was a bust too.


Lilly's Life said...

Oh gosh that is about as funny as my holiday. But that is a great picture of you and your husband. Beautiful backdrop and you look great (and rested there). See you are doing stuff I would never do - I am lame when it comes to activities that involve anything physical (like getting out of a lounge chair).

Really enjoyed this post. I will have to catch up on your earlier post about why the hotel was rubbish. You will have to go to Thailand for a trip one day very cheap and great deals with flights. Um, by the way are you sure George wasnt a ballet dancer or gymnist - check how he has his toes pointed like a professional while swinging on the rope......loved your photos!!

Jess said...

WOW That looks like fun! HAPPY Fx4

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

oh - sorry dear girl!

careysue said...

You are so much fun!!! I feel as though I went with you!

Keep posting your holiday pictures I can vicariously live through you!

Ronda's Rants said...

You ROCK!!! I wouldn't have been that brave ever!!!
I think you look great and I am so impressed with your daringness (Is that a word?)
We want more pictures of the vacation!!!!

Shala said...

I'm sorry, but it did make for some good memories and it did make me laugh! We had an excursion like this on our last vacation. Total bust and a waste of money, but we know for next time. haha

careysue said...

Listen I have to add that this vacation will be the best to talk about when you're old...

The ones we took when I was a kid that totally sucked at the time are the most memorable and fun to look back on!

I wish Ric and I were with you, I know what you mean about being just the two of you, it's a bit more subdued, same with us!!

I love adventures!

Anonymous said...

so nice of you to have the hubs go first....i would have done the same. and i can sooo relate to the boobs comment :)

wy-not said...

Hoo. That was funny. See? Your misery had a purpose. You and George put yourselves out there for the good of the rest of us. To make us laugh. And we did. Thank you for that!!

Mrs. S said...

zip lines and ropes are so much fun!

thanks for stopping by yesterday! I appreciate all the kind comments.

American in Norway said...

Sorry it wasn't what they promised...I was in the business for a long time... you should have complained BIG TIME & got your money back....
On the bright side... you got some great pictures! : )

~~tonya~~ said...

Sorry you didn't have the vacation you expected. You got some great pics though.

Heather said...

I have always wanted to try a zip line. Looks like a wonderful vacation.

And truth be told, I was trying to get some brownie points with the 14 yo. She is okay sometimes, but can def. be a headache! :D

Veggie Mom said...

Rhonda: As you probably already know, You're a Winner in my Pay It Forward Holiday Fest! And I've already got your info from the Pop'rs Win, so you're all set! Hope to get your gift out to ya before Christmas. And, BTW, love these pixes!!

Betty said...

You make even a crappy day sound like fun.... :) I love the pic´s of you doing the zip line. I would probably scream like that too!
I´m sorry the hotel was not up to expectations!

BoufMom9 said...

Oh my! Well, you're more adventurous than I would ever be...
Happy Friday!

Melissa said...

Well, at least you got to do the zip line... that looks like a blast!!

Lilly's Life said...

Rhonda - you won my little giveaway.....come by my blog to see...

Candid Carrie said...

R - I don't know if any one mentioned it yet or not but your "George" is freakin' hot! Like Oh My Gosh is he real hot!

And you look amazing too. I would have never done what you did, ever! I am terrified of heights. I was SCARED for you. And your boobs looked amazing. I may want to have my arms raised in every photograph from this point on!

This was my favorite post of yours ever.

amelia bedelia said...

I was cracking up at you trying to get back on the raft thing, because that would SO be me, too! great pics! Looks like ya'll had so much fun. And about the boob thing...i think i will start walking around with my arms up in the air now!