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My life in pictures, stories and open letters.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bits & Pieces Of My Life All Rolled Up Into One Little Post...

We had a crazy busy weekend! We're talking FOUR times to soccer. Technically, it should have been five, but missed one that we didn't know about. We have soccer 8 times per week, alternating with 9 the following week.  I.N.S.A.N.E.

Some of you have heard of Flat Stanley, and I'm just putting it out there so my awesome participants know, he is on his way to Australia tomorrow to spend a week with Lilly!   With our busy Christmas season, I don't know how long he will take to get there, but let's all wish him safe travels, okay?  From there, Lilly will be sending him on to Betty in Paraguay! How cool is that? And then he'll be off to visit Ronda in Florida. I'm hoping he will also visit either Angie in California or Carrie in Wisconsin. We'll see.    Good luck, Flat Stanley!  

I had to get mad at Miss Olivia tonight, and she turned to me and told me "Next time you go away, I won't miss you!"  Nice.  Little bugger better remember that not only is Christmas coming, but so is her birthday. It's a great time to learn not to be mean until you get everything you asked for.

Christmas decorating got done this weekend, as did the Christmas cards. I go on record now to say that if you wish to receive a Christmas card from me, you have to start sucking up in, like, September. Either that or get me your address. I'm easy.

I will be hosting a "Pay It Forward" contest on Wednesday! Come back bright and early to see what it's all about!  I've won a few prizes lately, and will post pictures as I get them. You will see the first one on Angie's Wordful Wednesday!

I'll finish with a question:

On the radio this weekend someone was saying that when God put all of this together from first idea to grand finale, he, of course, started with the water, land, moon and stars, etc. (Please don't correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm quite happy in my own little world these days, and I'm sure you would feel just terrible to destroy it....).  After that came the animals. Then, finally, the human. As it turns out, because we were last, all the fabulous characteristics were taken by the animals.  For example, wings to fly, the ability to procreate without the need of a man (No, George, this post is not about you, and let me just tell y'all that I quite enjoyed procreating with him, and while I'm tired, fat and busy now, it hasn't always been like that.  What? Too much information? Okay, moving on...).  Some can run at the speed of light, or simply lift their head and reach the tallest apple in the tree. Others can live under water or camouflage themselves to suit their surroundings.  

If you could collect on a rain check from God, what would you choose?

:-)  Happy Monday!


jill jill bo bill said...

I want to fly. And crap on people. I would hate the balancing on a wire tho. I would have to draw the line at that.

Lilly said...

I would like to breathe fire - some may so I do but....looking forward to getting the boy over here....and how exciting that he goes to Betty afterwards. What fun it will be - great idea.

Betty said...

Not really sure what I would wish for. I just wish HE could have made a way for us to be able to eat and not get FAT!! :)
Can´t wait to get Flat Stanley!

Michael Horvath said...

I would just leave that to God. I messed up myself too many times trying to do things my way.

wy-not said...

Oh I want to fly. I could laugh at rush hour traffic, and thumb my nose at walkers and joggers. For exercise, I would just stretch my lovely wings and soar about in the sky. I could save on nasty auto emissions and never use my car at all. Oh yes. I want to fly.

Ronda's Rants said...

I know I sound silly but I am happy just as I am...I love it all!
I can't wait to meet Flat Stanley!