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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pay It Forward Winners And My Day

I know I said I would announce prizes today. I can't. I'm sorry.  I will, however, announce three winners:

  1. Ronda's Rants - for first comment  (We are consistently each other's Pay It Forward Contest winners, which always makes me laugh!  lol)
  2. Wein's World - for making me laugh (I totally think she's awesome!)
  3. Why-not - for last comment  (We all need to encourage her to get back to blogging! She's a writer for crying out loud! Go give her heck okay?)
I know I said four winners, but nobody else told a joke. Only anonymous, who is George, but I don't know if that would be fair, since he didn't sign his name.

So I may just leave it at three.

I can tell you, though, that I am baking for part of today for my sick mother-in-law who is unable to. I am baking extra for my co-workers, George's co-workers and Why-not, who is local and will receive some delightful baking for her Pay It Forward prize.

I have only a couple of things that I do very well.  One is peanut butter cup cookies, which I have spent the morning doing. The other is S&S meatballs, which will be done for Christmas Day. 

You have to accept your talents for what they are and just go with them.

And just for a little bit of sympathy, I'm going to share with you all that last night at soccer I took a beating.  I took two hard shots to my bare legs and actually had the ball print on my leg for awhile.  I was tripped and scraped up my knee. I rolled my ankle. And I pulled my butt/groin/hamstring. I'm suffering just a little bit today and am bummed that I may not be able to play in the last game before Christmas. I won't be stupid enough to play if it will just make me worse, but it will kill me to sit out a game.  Sigh.....

I encourage you all to find SOMETHING that you enjoy, that gets you up and moving and associating and bonding with a group over a shared hobby.  It is truly awesome and even though it took me many years to do it, I'm so glad I finally did!!

And it's a good thing I love it, because between me and my two oldest, we are at a soccer field nine times a week! Oi!

Have a great weekend everyone.  And to my winners I am going to try to explore and try to find some nice prizes!


Ronda's Rants said...

First...thank you...take note I am first again...funny I can't arrive on time anywhere but here! I will be late to my own funeral!
Second..I admire you so much for playing soccer...I am feeling old right now...I have kept four pounds off even the holidays but I was running and I think I have hurt/pulled/killed something in my right foot...there goes my running hobby...thank you Jesus!
But it hurts...I too am baking...cookies...lot's and lot's of cookies!

Betty said...

Yoooohooo! I won! :)

My thing that I love and that get´s me off me *ss, is Volleyball! Every Tuesday. I´m not that good at it, but I love it!

careysue said...

That is so cool that you play soccer...when I first started reading you a while ago, I thought you did in the past...but no, you play now!

My husband would love it if I played soccer with him. He even bought me soccer cleats one year, just didn't happen! Maybe I'll take your advice and do it!

Running is such a lonely sport at times!

wy-not said...

Woohoo! Cookies! With peanut butter cups in them? Yummy. Maybe I'll shed the calories by reading about all of you guys running, and volleyballing and soccering while I sit on the couch watching Survivor. Thanks babe!

Ann On and On... said...

I love pay it forward..cookies... a pretty good talent to have.

Soccer is a great way to get in shape and hang out with others. Wish there was place for me to play.
I played with my nieces and nephew last summer for some reason they kept laughing at me, like I am too old.

Stop by my blog for a give-a-way, if you have a minute. :D
*Stopped by from SITS...

Barely Domestic Mama said...

I wandered over to your blog from SITS.

Peanut butter cup cookies and S&S meatballs sound yummy.

I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you might be feeling pretty rough today. I wish I had something that I loved that got me off my butt...I could stand to lose a few pounds.

Aunt Julie said...

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies? PLEASE share..the recipe, that is!

jill jill bo bill said...

I just wanted you to know that I am sending you a copy of the book "Holding Fast" because you had the awesome idea to send it to someone else. This could be a cool thing!!!! Email me your address and I will get it in the mail this week. Thanks for wanting to read it!!!!

Mamahut said...

Yay Rhonda, I wish I could play something... You'll be in such good shape.